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Dallas Cowboys News And Notes: Early Reactions To Big Thanksgiving Loss

All the news that's fit to link. Today's headlines: the Cowboys stink; the Eagles are awesome; the Cowboys were exposed; Chip Kelly is the best coach in NFL history; blah, blah, blah...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tired Cowboys fall to Eagles 33-10 - Tom Ryle, BTB

Tom's lead will serve as my lead:

It always hurts to see the Dallas Cowboys lose. It hurts more to see them lose a national game. It hurts the worst of all to seem them lose that national game to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles roll over Cowboys 33-10 for NFC East lead -Schuyler Dixon,

LeSean McCoy ran for 159 yards and a touchdown, Mark Sanchez had his first scoring run in almost three years and the Eagles rolled in a matchup of NFC East co-leaders.

Cowboys-Eagles: ten things to know from Philadelphia's 33-10 win - John Breech,

The return of The Sanchize. Oh, and Dez Bryant and the Cowboys found something out early: The refs weren't going to be throwing many flags for defensive holding or pass interference.


Cowboys unhappily carved up by Eagles - Mike Fisher and Mark Lane, Cowboys HQ

Fish and Lane point out that Sanchez out-dueled Romo, and badly:

Yes, "out-dueled.’’ QB vs. QB. And lest you think that's unfair -- "How can it be QB vs. QB when they don’t play on the same field at the same time?’’ — understand that this was destined to be a high-scoring game (with a Vegas over/under of 56), that Dallas' D was only going to be able to endure at best, and that Romo and Company was the unit that was going to have to pressure, match and overcome.

Mark Sanchez sharp as Eagles throttle Cowboys -

The Cowboys came in hoping to do what they do best: Dictate the pace of the game by riding DeMarco Murray behind the NFL's finest offensive line. Not today, with Philly building an early lead and holding Murray to a manageable 73 yards off 20 attempts. Two weeks after allowing 53 points to the Packers, the Eagles successfully shut down lanes and won the battle in short-yardage situations.

Sanchez gets Thanksgiving redemption - Mike Florio,

Here's Florio's lead:

The butt fumble has yielded to an ass kicking.

McCoy has huge day while Eagles D batters Romo in rout of Cowboys -

The Cowboys' offensive line has been one of the season's most dominant position groups, from Tyron Smith continuing his progression as a star left tackle to Zack Martin generating Rookie of the Year buzz.

On Thursday, that line was blown out of the building.


It's halftime of this news article. Time for some thoughts on Pitbull:


Cowboys' offense fails to carry load - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas

As Archer writes, the offense, the supposed prized-jewel of the Cowboys, was stagnant the entire day. Its only touchdown was mostly about a 38-yard catch by Dez Bryant to the Philadelphia 4. The other six plays on the drive went for 29 yards.

Cowboys' Garrett, Harris get strange explanation for flag: "he hit him too hard" - Yahoo Sports

On punt coverage, Dwayne Harris was flagged for unnecessary roughness, despite the fact that the hit appeared legal. It was not to the head, and it was not from behind. Carroll saw Harris coming. There was no fair catch on the play, either. Jason Garrett told reporters that he received a curious explanation: "They told us that he hit him too hard unnecessarily."

As Harris said, he had never heard of hitting too hard as a crime in football...


It's gloom and doom time, y'all...

If making Romo move around is Eagles blueprint for success, are Cowboys doomed? - Eric Adelson, Yahoo Sports

Jerry Jones told reporters, "They stopped the way that we could beat them." To wit:

The Eagles' game plan was straightforward: "To stop DeMarco Murray and get them into third downs," said linebacker Connor Barwin, "and then make Tony Romo move around in the pocket."

The question the article wants to pose is: will other teams do the same thing? And, if they do, are the Cowboys doomed?

Rematch with Eagles is now a must-win, but is there any hope? - David Moore, DMN

Moore asks the question on everybody's mind after that beatdown:

Is there any reason to believe the outcome will be different in 17 days when the scene shifts to Philadelphia? Do the Cowboys, with two division losses to none for the Eagles, retain a realistic shot at the NFC East crown and automatic playoff spot?

Time to focus on the wild card? - Jean-Jacques Taylor, ESPN Dallas

Apparently, the reporters covering the team are quitting long before the team is. Here, JJT writes that, although this loss doesn't mean the Cowboys are about to embark on yet another December collapse, it does mean the Cowboys' best way to make the playoffs is to earn a wild-card berth.


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