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Cowboys Taking Whole Roster To London; Hopeful Tony Romo Can Play

All hands on deck for the Cowboys in London.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are hopeful that most of their injured players will be able to go on Sunday in London, including quarterback Tony Romo. Jason Garrett announced at his press conference today that the Cowboys are taking all of their roster over to London including Romo, Tyrone Crawford, and Doug Free. Even the suspended Josh Brent will go and workout with the team.

On Romo, Garret had this to say:

"We never have the 'have-tos,' right," Garrett said when asked what he would have to see from Romo this week in order to play. "There is never an ultimatum that he has to do this or he can’t do this. Hopefully he progresses. He’s gotten better and better every day since the injury, and hopefully he will feel better from a pain standpoint. And hopefully that will positively reflect his ability to move around and get some stiffness out of there. We’ve got a couple of days until we practice, so hopefully he’ll handle the flight well and he’ll get over there and blood will be flowing through his body. He’ll feel good and we’ll get to work."

Tyrone Crawford and Rolando McClain both underwent MRIs on their knees, and while we don't know the results of those yet, both players will be travelling to London. The Cowboys fear Crawford has a sprained MCL but that has not been determined yet.

Garrett said the team is still awaiting scan results on Rolando McClain and Tyrone Crawford, who were injured during the 28-17 loss to Arizona. Garrett said both players underwent MRIs on Monday and will make the trip to London.

"Just kind of waiting to see what their status is," Garrett said. "Both of those guys were looked at again today, so hopefully we’ll get some positive feedback. We anticipate them making the trip."

Also going over is Ron Leary who has already stated he should be ready for Sunday's game, but the Cowboys are also hopeful that tackle Doug Free will be ready to go, or at least start practicing.

Free has now missed three games with the fractured foot he suffered in Seattle, while Leary missed his first game of the season Sunday with a groin strain. During Garrett’s Monday press conference, which was held near the team’s practice fields, Leary could be seen working with the strength and conditioning staff. When asked if the pair would be able to practice in London, Garrett was optimistic. "We’re hopeful that they will do that, yes," he said.

Garrett and Jerry Jones also commented on the status and conditioning of Josh Brent who will travel with the team.

"Liked the way he has worked," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "He’s been working. He’s really been very diligent in his return and I think we’ve got a chance to get the benefit of a changed man in a lot of ways."

"He’s done a good job of working to get his weight down, but that weight has to continue to come down," Garrett said.

Garrett said Monday he wants to see Brent "just continuing to improve." "He had a good week last week," Garrett added.

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