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2015 Pro Bowl Voting Update: Nine Spots For Dallas Cowboys?

NFL Pro Bowl balloting is coming to a close soon, and the NFL announced the leading vote-getters for the 2015 Pro Bowl. Nine Dallas Cowboys would make the Pro Bowl if only the results of the fan vote through today would count.

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We last looked at the status of the Pro Bowl fan vote two weeks ago. Since then, the Cowboys have suffered an unfortunate loss to the Eagles that hurt their playoff chances - and may also have hurt the Pro Bowl chances of some players as NFL fans chose to place their votes somewhere else.

With just one week of fan voting remaining for the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl, 18 Dallas Cowboys rank in the Top 10 at their respective positions, according to data from the NFL. Here's the full table of all 18 Cowboys, where they rank at their positions, and how many Pro Bowl berths are available for that specific position.

Player Position Votes Pos. Rk. (Prev) Avail. Berths
Murray, DeMarco RB 594,636 1 (1) 6
Frederick, Travis OC 189,513 1 (1) 4
Smith, Tyron OT 183,388 2 (1) 6
Bailey, Dan K 127,005 2 (2) 2
Martin, Zack OG 168,454 3 (1) 6
Bryant, Dez WR 396,173 4 (4) 8
Heath, Jeff ST 60,101 4 (3) 2
Leary, Ronald OG 110,861 5 (3) 6
Free, Doug OT 128,175 5 (4) 6
Romo, Tony QB 348,748 6 (6) 6
Clutts, Tyler FB 80,300 6 (5) 2
Church, Barry FS 63,152 6 (4) 3
Witten, Jason TE 138,506 7 (7) 4
McClain, Rolando OLB 100,858 7 (5) 4
Melton, Henry DT 96,944 8 (8) 6
Harris, Dwayne Returner 53,824 8 (6) 2
Jones, Chris P 48,335 9 (7) 2
Wilcox, J.J. SS 43,853 10 (10) 3
Green denotes Pro Bowls players based on the fan vote through today.

Cowboys fans have been derelict in their duties. Not a single Cowboys player moved up in the Pro Bowl voting. So drop what you're doing and go to and cast your vote. Multiple times. Every day for the rest of the week.

If Pro Bowl voting were to end today, and only the fan votes were counted, nine Cowboys players would make the Pro Bowl. Those Pro Bowlers would be Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Dan Bailey and all five offensive linemen. Not a single player from the defense would get a Pro Bowl nod.

DeMarco Murray has garnered the fifth highest vote total of all NFL players, only losing out to Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Andrew Luck, in sequence. Dez Bryant narrowly misses out on the Top Ten, coming in 14th in the overall vote count. Tony Romo, despite being ranked "only" sixth among all quarterbacks ranks 17th overall, just three spots behind Bryant.

As a reminder: Fan voting for the 2015 Pro Bowl will continue until Monday, December 15. NFL players and coaches will cast their votes on December 19 and the Pro Bowl players will be announced on Tuesday, December 23. The Pro Bowl players are determined by the consensus votes of fans, players and coaches. Each group’s vote counts one-third toward determining the 88 Pro Bowl players.

Players are selected without regard to conference in voting by fans, coaches and players. For example, the top six quarterbacks following voting will earn a Pro Bowl berth, regardless of how many are from AFC or NFC teams.

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