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Cowboys Community Friday "Dear Santa,"

With the holidays fast approaching, this edition of the "Community Friday" takes the form of a letter to Santa Claus. Tell us what Cowboys related Christmas gift(s) you would enjoy.

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Dear Santa;

My name is Dawn and I have tried very hard to be a good girl this year. It has been hard with all the opportunities to make fun of Eli-face, and with the chances I have been given to kick those other teams in the division while writing the Weekly BEast Report. I really did try my best, and I hope you will overlook my transgressions just this one time.

First up on my list is something that I want, not only for myself, but for the entire BTB community. Santa I would like an additional month or so of football season. You see, Mr. Claus, that would mean our beloved Dallas Cowboys would make the playoffs this season. It has been a while and we all miss January football.

The second item on my wish list is a little more personal. I would like to have another jersey, this time I think it should be Rolando McClain. He has come out of his second retirement and played his heart out for the team at a time when they really needed somebody who could do just that. In many ways his efforts have represented the "Cowboy Way" that Jason Garrett talks about, and I would be proud to wear his jersey.

Last on my list, and I hope you don't think I am being greedy, is some new jewelry. Every girl loves her some bling and it has been a long time since there has been an addition to the collection. No I don't mean my personal collection (but I won't object to that either). It is time that the Cowboys added another Super Bowl ring. I know that is asking a lot, but when I wish I tend to wish big.

Anyhow, that is what I want this year. I know you are very busy at this time of year, so instead of making you read hundreds and thousands of letters from my fellow Cowboys fans, I am going to open up the comments section and let them add their own Cowboys related wish lists to my letter.

And Santa, remember, we have all tried really hard this year,OK?

/s/ Dawn

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