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The Weekly BEast Report: Cry, Eagles, Cry Edition

Prepared just for you and served up with just a slight hint of snark.

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New York Giants (5-9)

Washington Redskins - 13
New York Giants - 24
  • In last week's belated edition of the BEast Report I stated that there is a growing feeling around the Giants camp that the head coach Tom Coughlin will return to lead the team into the 2015 season.That statement has gained added credibility as the weekend wore on. Our SBN colleagues over at Big Blue View have joined in the conversation with their own take on the situation. Drawing from a report in the New York Post, BBV editor Ed Valentine tells us why he thinks keeping the veteran coach around is a good idea.

The Giants are bad, their two-game winning streak not withstanding. But, here's the thing. Good things have begun to happen with the young nucleus that is developing, with Ben McAdoo growing into his job, with Eli Manning playing well overall. I have maintained for a while now that I believe this Giants team, if it can stay healthy, has a chance to be good in 2015.

  • Unless you have been hiding under a rock in the middle of a deserted island, you are well aware that Dez Bryant had three touchdown receptions last night against the Eagles. What you might not have caught was Odell Beckham, Jr. matching Bryant touchdown for touchdown. The rookie wide receiver continues to serve notice that there is a new sheriff in town, and #88 better stay on top of his game. There WILL be some good head to head matchups between these two talented guys over the next few years.
  • A familiar topic for Cowboys fans is now starting to be discussed in the Big Apple as well. The big question being asked is "Has the time come to draft the heir at QB?" Eli Manning is nearing the end of his second professional contract, and he will expect to get paid at a level consistent with his status as a two time Super Bowl MVP. Manning's performance of late does not justify that type of expense however. From a pure business standpoint this would be a good time to look toward the future and move on. From a football point of view things look somewhat different. You can't just post a "Help Wanted: FRANCHISE QB" ad and find your guy. A team also needs the pieces around the passer to be successful. New York is about to experience the balancing act that some other teams have gone through recently.

Washington Redskins (3-11)

Washington Redskins - 13
New York Giants - 24
  • With the loss to the Giants, the Washington Redskins secured last place in the NFC East standings for the second consecutive season. To muddy the waters for the Redskins, Robert Griffin, III will be back at the helm of the Washington offense this weekend. Colt McCoy is expected not to dress this weekend due to a neck issue. Griffin looked fairly solid and more at ease when he took over for McCoy against the Giants, but his future is far from certain. Still, he will be getting an additional opportunity, something that was not guaranteed at this time last week. It will be up to him to cash in.

"He's got every chance this week against the Philadelphia Eagles to take this position and run with it." - Jay Gruden

  • Washington had their opportunities on Sunday, but in the way of franchises who consistently struggle, the Redskins could not get out of their own way. One play in particular tells the story of the Skins futility. It also highlights the career of a quarterback, and the trade used to secure his services, who has become something of a bad joke around the league.

With eight seconds on the clock and a chance to extend Washington's lead before the first half expired, Griffin took off running for the end zone and launched himself, ball cradled in his hands, arms outstretched, for the score.

But on a hostile field, against their oldest foe, the Washington Redskins were jolted back to reality in the most unexpected way. Upon review, what would have been Griffin's first rushing touchdown since 2012 was negated, ruled a touchback instead because he temporarily lost possession of the ball as he sailed into the corner of the end zone.

That disappointment would lead to more.

  • There has been some speculation going around the virtual offices here at BTB as we try to decide who is getting fired this time around in Washington: Will it be Bob or will it be Lil Chuckie? According to sources close to the team, it will not be the younger Gruden brother. Still, history says Jay might not want to get too comfortable in Washington. Coaches have not stayed long during the Snyder era.

Gruden is the eighth head coach under owner Daniel Snyder. None lasted more than four years.

Philadelphia Eagles (9-5)

Dallas Cowboys - 38
Philadelphia Eagles - 27


Dallas Cowboys - 38
Philadelphia Eagles - 27
  • The Eagles surrendered control of the division, and their own destiny, to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. A series of miscues helped secure the demise of the team against Dallas. Philadelphia had issues holding on to the football (among other things), suffering four turnovers. Two come at the hands of Mark Sanchez, who lived up to his reputation this time around. The Eagles had opportunities, and even the lead, but could not capitalize on their chances.
"It's a tough game to take, but we lost the game. You can't put yourself in a hole like that. Then we fought back and took a lead and they went right down the field and scored a touchdown and the momentum was lost. When you have a chance to take the game, you take it. And we didn't do that." - Malcolm Jenkins
  • In what could be a further blow to the Eagles chances to slip their way back into the playoff picture, the team has learned that it will be forced to go with Sanchez for at least one more game. Starting quarterback Nick Foles will not be available to the team for this Saturday's encounter with Robert Griffin, III and the Washington Redskins. With a little more Sanchez magic, and a rare return to rookie form for RGIII, it could be all over but the crying in the City of Brotherly Love this weekend.
The bone is not healed. He'll start throwing a little bit more, but he's out for right now. He's not cleared and will not play this week. Until he gets fully healed, he's not going to be able to play with it. We think he'll be able to throw a little more this week, but we can't have anyone near him with contact." - Chip Kelly on Nick Foles' injury
  • While many draft experts and NFL scouts do not feel that Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota is cut out to be a franchise QB in the NFL, Chip Kelly, who recruited Mariota to Oregon, seems to feel differently. There is strong speculation that Kelly is pressuring the front office to make a move up in the draft to secure the services of his former college QB. Given Mariota's stature, and a lack of abundant quarterback prospects available this time around, it would take a hefty move to insure Philadelphia could get Kelly's man, especially considering that there is a possibility that he could go #1 overall. Kelly talks like success is assured for his former player. I seem to remember the same things being said about the passer Kelly & Co. will face this weekend.
"I think Marcus will be successful whether he's an NFL player, a banker, a teacher, a fireman, a policeman. I've said it before about some other players, but if you can buy stock in a human being, you buy stock in that kid because he'll always be successful in anything he does. . . .  I felt lucky that I had an opportunity to coach a young man like that." - Chip Kelly

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