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Jason Garrett's 'Hot Seat' Seems Pretty Cool Right Now

Reading through the Jerry-speak it becomes clear that the Rooster is still Jerry's man.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As is his habit, Jerry Jones addressed the issue of Jason Garrett's future by saying nothing and everything at the same time. Most of us have learned, at least to a degree, how to read what the boss is saying even though he sometimes (make that often) speaks in riddles. When it comes to addressing the future of the Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jerry made himself perfectly clear in a muddy sort of way. The team owner, general manager, and promoter extraordinaire was asked directly about Garrett's future in Dallas and had this to say:

"The only reason I'm not going to because I've said that I'm just not going to talk about his business. His business in this context is his contract. I'm just not going to talk about that. I haven't talked about it, and there's no need to talk about it. We'll sit down after the season and take a look at how things are going.

It's very obvious that he is doing very well and his hard work is paying off." - Jerry Jones

See, I told you Jerry was as clear as mud but in a way that is easily understandable.

Just a few months ago, it was that same Jerry Jones, the eternal optimist, who was tempering expectations for this year's team. Now he is singing a different tune, and for that he gives the lion's share of the credit to his coach.

"It is beyond my expectation when we started the year that we're sitting here with the wins. It doesn't surprise me when I look at the work of Jason, when I look at the work of the staff, when I look the preparation, when I look at the resolve that they exhibited during our [organised team activities] and training camp. It doesn't surprise me that we've had exceeded our expectation at all."

After running that statement through the translator, it is clear that the boss in Dallas is more than pleased with his principle subordinate and the efforts he has expended to elevate the Cowboys back in to relevance in the National Football League. Even though Jerry is hesitant to say so, the Rooster's efforts are about to be rewarded.

Jason Garrett is about to get paid.

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