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Orlando Scandrick Looking Forward To The TY Hilton And Friends Challenge

Never one to back down, Orlando Scandrick says he is ready for the opportunity to match up on T Y Hilton and his cohorts from Indianapolis.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

When you play any sport at its highest level, one of the benefits is that you have the opportunity to prove yourself against some of the best in the game. Right now the Colts offense is the best in the NFL at throwing the football. That fact is not lost on one of the men who will have the responsibility of shutting down the Indianapolis Colts aerial onslaught this coming Sunday, Orlando Scandrick. The Dallas Cowboys cornerback knows the challenge he will be facing this weekend, and in a true professional's fashion, he embraces the opportunity to test his mettle.

"With that quarterback, that receiver. Those receivers, that tight end, both of those tight ends, passing comes natural to them." - Orlando Scandrick

By that receiver Scandrick is referring of course to the lethal weapon in Andrew Luck's arsenal, third-year wide receiver T. Y. Hilton. This year Hilton has accounted for 82 catches and more than 1300 yards. He is an opponent worthy of respect, and the Cowboys willingly cede the fact to him. In fact, Scandrick compares Hilton to another receiver who has experienced success against the Cowboys.

"He's a smaller guy. You know, he reminds me a lot of DeSean Jackson, just the same type of game for me."

That could be a blessing or a curse for Dallas. Either way, it does give Scandrick a starting point for working against the Colts star. He feels that he and his teammates are ready for the challenge they will face from Luck & Co. Certainly the Boys won't back down from the opportunity. That is something an RKG would never do.

"I think this team is focused enough and we got a great challenge. Were all going to embrace it and go out and play hard and do the things that winning football teams do to win games and we'll see what happens."

Even hampered with a hamstring issue, Dallas will give Hilton and the rest of the Colts pass catchers the respect they deserve. They have earned it.

"They move these guys around. They move the receivers around. They move the tight end around. That challenges you a lot of different ways,. Challenges your zone coverage.  Challenges your man-to-man coverage. Who are you going to lock on those guys? How do you adjust out of those based on their formations? They do a really good job with their formations and getting these guys in different spots." - Jason Garrett

Everyone on the defensive side of the ball knows what is at stake on Sunday. This season has been about proving that they are not the same old Cowboys. This time around, Scandrick and the rest of the secondary are itching to prove that to the boys from Indy.

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