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Updated NFC Playoff Scenarios for Week 16

The NFL released official clinching scenarios for teams looking to claim first-round byes, their respective divisions or a playoff spot. We update those scenarios with the results of the Saturday games.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles choked away December, the fourth quarter, and most of what was left of their already slim playoff chances on Saturday. As a direct result of the Eagles loss to the lowly Redskins, the Lions join the Cardinals as the second team to have clinched an NFC playoff berth.

Here’s how the NFC playoff picture looks after Saturday.

1. Arizona (11-3): NFC West Champion, clinched playoff berth

2. Detroit (10-4): NFC North Champion, clinched playoff berth

3. Dallas (10-4): NFC East Champion

4. New Orleans (6-8): NFC South Champion

5. Seattle (10-4): Wildcard No. 1

6. Green Bay (10-4): Wildcard No. 2


Philadelphia (9-6)


Today, three more NFC teams can secure their postseason spots with a win: The Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and Green Bay Packers. The Saints can also lock up a playoff berth, but they'll need some help.

The specific clinching scenarios for the NFC teams look as follows:

ARIZONA CARDINALS (v Seattle Seahawks)

Arizona clinches NFC West and home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:

1) Cardinals win

DETROIT LIONS (at Chicago Bears)

Detroit clinches the NFC North with:

1) Lions win plus Packers loss

Detroit clinches a first-round bye with:

1) Lions win plus Packers loss plus Cowboys loss

DALLAS COWBOYS (v Indianapolis Colts)

Dallas clinches NFC East division with:

1) Cowboys win or tie

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (at Arizona Cardinals)

Seattle clinches a playoff spot with:

1) Seahawks win or tie

GREEN BAY PACKERS (at Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Green Bay clinches a playoff spot with:

1) Packers win or tie

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (v Atlanta Falcons)

New Orleans clinches NFC South with:

1) Saints win plus Panthers loss

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