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The Weekly BEast Report: NFC East Division Championship Edition

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

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This weekend in the NFC East saw two teams enter the season's 16th stanza with playoff hopes intact. The Dallas Cowboys had control of their own destiny and they would secure the division if they were to win out. One slip and it was likely that the Philadelphia Eagles, who were scheduled to close the season against the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, would likely be able slip in and steal the crown away. That would make the Dallas game against the Indianapolis Colts essentially a must win situation. Surely the Eagles would win the last two and keep the heat on the Cowboys.

Philadelphia Eagles (9-6)

Philadelphia Eagles - 24
Washington Redskins - 27

With the Washington Redskins being perennial cellar-dwellers of late and the obvious disarray surrounding the team it was unthinkable that Washington would be able to hold serve at home against the Chip Kelly offensive juggernaut. Sure this is the NFL and there is that "Any given Sunday" thing going on, but let's face it, nobody really expected the Skins to win (well maybe a trio of BTB writers did).

Let's take a little look at how thing played out on the Twitter-verse once the unthinkable happened.

  • You've got to love it when the folks over at ESPN have to let you know just how well that the anointed one and his team are doing at living up to the pre-season hype.
  • Our SB Nation colleagues over at Bleeding Green Nation seem to be taking things rather well, wouldn't you say?
  • What??? The "Golden Boy" out-coached?
  • Telling it like it is.
  • I think this one stands alone.
  • I wonder who was happier with the outcome of this game, the Cowboys or DJax. Probably a toss-up.
  • One of our own calling the Eagles out. Naturally the back-to-back pounding from the Seahawks and the 'Boys can be tough on anyone.
  • Of course Blogging The Boys kept it classy. Far be it from us to gloat.

Dallas Cowboys  (11-4)

Indianapolis Colts - 7
Dallas Cowboys - 42

With the Eagles unexpected defeat at the hands of the Washington Redskins, the Cowboys entered the match up with Andrew Luck and the Colts with an opportunity to fulfill the least likely of all the playoff possibilities that they faced this weekend. A win would secure the team its first division title of the Jason Garrett era. The team that went 0-4 during the pre-season and that began the season looking like they might be headed for the same territory normally reserved for the likes of the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars would have a chance to claim a playoff berth. By the time the game clock wound down to zero, the Cowboys had served notice to the league that they intend to be a force to contend with as the best of the best battle their way toward the Lombardi Trophy.

Again let's see how Twitter celebrated the Cowboys victory.

  • It seems that Cowboys fans are relaxed and joking around. When was the last time that a Dallas fan went in to week 17 with such a light and merry heart?
  • It seems like Romo is pleased with how things are going right now.
  • The good folks over at CBS had the honor of letting the world in on the best news of the weekend.
  • Mark Lane reminded us of the last time that CBS carried a division clinching Cowboys win. Anyone remember this one?
  • I guess you could say that we here at Blogging The Boys are just a little bit excited.
  • Still we are staying grounded in reality. Rabblerousr is making sure that we remember that the work has only begun.
  • Of course the whole BTB community is eagerly awaiting something special.
  • Even with the crown in hand, there is still some unfinished business with a certain group from Washington, and an outstanding debt to be paid in full.

There you have it folks, it has been a long time since we have been able to celebrate winning the East. Each of the last three seasons we have gone down to the very last game of the NFL season only to suffer a letdown. Things are different this year. Take a moment and bask in the glow of supporting a playoff caliber team, but keep in check. The big party comes in February, and if Dallas can continue to perform like they did today (against another playoff caliber team) this season could turn in to something special. Someone once said that "it is a process". I am looking forward to watching the team take the next step.

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