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Regardless Of The Month, Tony Romo Shows He Can Shoulder The Load

Tony Romo put the Dallas Cowboys on his back once again offensively, but on Sunday afternoon he got more than just a little help from the defense. Romo has shown us his ability to take over when it matters most time and time again in 2014.

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Right around 24 hours before the Dallas Cowboys were set to take on the Indianapolis Colts, the Washington Redskins gave the Cowboys an early Christmas present. The Redskins' shocking 27-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles meant that the Cowboys could clinch the NFC East in Week 16 by beating the Colts. A pretty far cry from the 3-13 prediction that some had for this team, wouldn't you say?

Cowboys 3-13: Tony Romo's back, defense are looking awfully frail. Dallas fans might end up pining for .500 teams.

We all remember that quote. It's hard to get it out of your mind, especially after this team just won their 11th game, with a chance to win their 12th in Week 17 against the Redskins. With the Cowboys getting the chance to take down the division on Sunday, they capitalized, and they did so in a big way, knocking off the talented Colts and Andrew Luck, 42-7.

Before we go any further, this Cowboys' defense deserves to get a boatload of praise for the performance that they put up against the Colts. They gave up just 229 total yards, and ONE, yes ONE, rushing yard. The incredibly talented Andrew Luck was held to just 15/22 passing with 109 yards and two interceptions before being pulled when the game got out of hand. The defense, well, they incredible.

Tony Romo Shows He Can Take Over

Now, about that Romo guy. Remember those December woes? It's pretty safe to say that those are long gone, as Romo has now gone 61-77 for 688 yards, 10 touchdowns and a grand total of zero interceptions this month. Oh, and most importantly, the Cowboys are 3-0 and have officially eliminated the whole "they always let us down" notion. But let's take a deeper look at what Romo has truly meant to this team.

Over the last two games, the Cowboys have averaged 2.7 yards per rush, and 3.2 yards per rush. Basically, both the Eagles and Colts were all-in on shutting down the Dallas run game. While the Cowboys kept pounding the rock, the story was Romo, who went 40-51 passing for 483 yards and 7 touchdowns during those two games. Essentially, these numbers came in the two biggest games of the entire season for the Cowboys, and his performances in those games are a huge reason as to why this team just clinched the NFC East.

Through all of the negativity, the shots taken at Romo and the Cowboys and the tough games that No. 9 has had in the past, it's time to look beyond all of that. Romo played his best, and took over games at times when it mattered most this year.

Don't overlook this defense, don't overlook the incredible year from DeMarco Murray and make sure to give credit to guys like Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, but don't for one minute fail to realize that these last two games have been a silencing shot at the critics of Romo. The Cowboys' star quarterback can shoulder the load, and carry this team, regardless of what month it is.

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