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2014 Pick 256 Final Results: And The Winner Is ...

With the regular season coming to an end we review the winners as well as assorted odds and ends of our season-long Pick 256 Challenge.

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Even though the NFL has one of the shortest seasons in professional sports, 17 weeks can be a long time. Especially if you're submitting picks every week. Our Pick 256 Challenge asked you to do just that in a season-long contest in which BTB members and readers got to pick the straight-up winners for all games each week - and many of you responded.

In total, 876 participants submitted their votes at least once during the contest period, but only 84 participants managed to submit their picks for every one of the 17 weeks of the contest.

Which is why we included a missed games policy in the contest: Every three weeks of full participation qualified participants for one freebie for a missed week. The maximum amount of possible freebies was four over the entire season, and the freebie points awarded for a missed week were the average of all participants for the weeks missed. Later in this post, participants who received a freebie will be marked with an asterisk in our results tables. Two freebies mean two asterisks, and so on.

Including the beneficiaries of our missed games policy increases the number of 17-week participants to 205, all of which we'll review a little further down this post.

But before we go there, let's first try to understand what a good season result looks like, by looking at the 2014 pick 'em results for some of the pick 'em panels we've been following this year.

Pick 'em Panel Best Result
Dallas Morning News Tim Cowlishaw
ESPN Cris Carter
Pick 256 Consensus
Yahoosports Eric Adelson
USA Today Jim Corbett, Lorenzo Reyes
CBSSports Pete Prisco
NFL Around The League Gregg Rosenthal
Pro Football Focus Gordon McGuinness
Foxsports Ryan Fowler
SB Nation Joel Thorman

Our Pick 256 consensus picks beat every single panelist on the pick 'em panels above except for Tim Cowlishaw and Cris Carter. That's pretty impressive. But even more impressive are the results of our season winners.

Pick 256 Challenge Season Winners

BTB-member Jebediah Flibberbrush turned in a masterful season-long performance, finishing four points clear of the next best participants with a season score of 184-72. Congratulations. Here are the top six of our challenge.

184 - Jebediah Flibberbrush

180 - aaa61aaa, revellyre

177 - boys.camncrew, LoboTX, Wildhair

Cowboys Whisperers

This award goes to those participants who correctly predicted the outcome of the most Cowboys games over the course of the season. If you had simply picked the Cowboys to win every game, you'd have 12 correct picks. 51 participants have exactly that many correct Cowboys picks, but they were out-picked by six BTB members who picked 13 Cowboys games correctly. Here are your six Cowboys Whisperers of 2014:

  • bandoozle
  • coolmajaka
  • CowboysNation
  • dentltek
  • Jessy S
  • Nord15

The Mike Florio Award

Just as there are Cowboys Whisperers among us, there are also anti-Cowboys Whisperers lurking on our board. This award, named after a bastion of journalistic objectivity, honors those among us who picked most Cowboys games wrong. We do recognize that many of the award recipients here picked against the Cowboys on purpose to ward off the evil ju ju, and we thank you for your sacrifice.

If you had simply picked against the Cowboys in every game, you'd have gotten 12 picks wrong. Nobody was that bad, but some came close. Here are the Mike Florio Award winners:

10 - Ride Together, Die Together; Zubius

9 - dandeogden

8 - Funoldman, Jeff Landrith

7 - braininahat, Mighty Blue Star, Bvanzanman, StarloverinWNC

6 - 33 participants picked six Cowboys game wrong.

Season Ranking

Here's a summary of the 205 participants who participated in all 17 regular season weeks, either as regular participants or as beneficiaries of our missed game policy.

Pick 256 Leaderboard
Correct Picks
Regular Participants
184 Jebediah Flibberbrush - -
180 aaa61aaa, revellyre - -
177 boys.camncrew, LoboTX, Wildhair - -
176 Chuck Sisco, Rajohnnn Prfbrain*
175 Florida dodger, Specific Becho*, angie'sdad*, Dcowboy*
174 - - GalTex*, couboy12*, FANSINCESB5**
173 cowboy1966, CowboysWin, Jeff Landrith, Oldboysfan, Yellowbeard - -
172 braininahat, ginge159, jtiddahr, StarloverinWNC, UTCowboy Realist Larry*, Spaceball*, Lcdano24**, kat31**, milehightexan***
171 BigDFanSince77, NorthStar99, pugbuddy, Starmesh23, Vancity Cowboy fs65*, cap2vator**, Mighty Blue Star****
170 JDobermans, MIllard Fillmore, Pagrebo rhbgsherb**, Daledoe**, OBWDC****
169 cwby4lf, KETHRY1313, lonewolfz28, mfoster, NutriaBoudin, rptril Aggie Man*, Lajitas Lava*, codydoser**, Trent Schoneweis**, Buckywaters**, Vector_41***
168 BUBBA KUHL, mbraunginn, NCHeelsBoysFan, qcisco, Rathos, Roun2It blue & silver*, Morgan460*, nreyesjr02*, Mike Easter*, Dealataunt**, since '66**, Cowboy Joe**, yushay bohra**
167 Edward Colon, THEGALLOPINGPOLISHMAN Canadian Cowboy_74*, Rdbull1*, CowboysFan_Nepal**, strobman***
166 1038games, CowboysNation, JayRosser27, Sean N, YumaCactus Benthere*, tattooed cowboy*, DocOcho*, cowboyofthenorth**, CTREALDEAL****
165 1Bullseye, dentltek, MUTTS, Shadowcat, Zubius vegas cowboys fan*, The Loco Llama*, klkmainiac*, lucke*, BOWAC1***
164 Bvanzanman, gershwin, jamesvb, Katana, OddGooD, wittenfan Tallgrass Prairie*, BigBad Joe**, KRO**, Tennessee_Jed***
163 Nova84, scotscowboyfan, Troy camrin55*, Burrito Electrico*, IMHO*, max2*, cleanpants*, Rohpuri**, stubbynuggs**, The Sethnicity***, oddsbettor***
162 CowboyOcelot CapitalT*, Sandmann*, Normrock*, duffer33*, Briley Fuller**, wakemeupbeforeuromo**, enogueras***, Swanhooch***, HePuntsHeScores****
161 CTCowboy, Daylate$$Short, San Antonio Al AZ_Dave*, Silverblue*, ibleedcowboyblue*, dandeogden*, DalaiLuke*, BigHat in NewTexas*, SoCalCowboysFan12**, Carla's butcher****, CowboyDane****
160 Chappycav, Johnny-Boy, just-the-facts, k@s! PrimeTimePlaymaker*, Mr._Mulligan*, Seatown7*, TRAVLR**, westmodelmarket****
159 damnarab2, doomsdayreturns, Farrah's Daddy, hbdc, jimmy.marshall2, Nord15, T Zig thelunatic*, indus_creed**, Paul Schork**, ketom1220**
158 - - aat2326*, Hamstringer*, debateallas****
157 - - shooter09**, adamjamessaul**
156 Lrogue, wildtigger2 coolmajaka*, erik.furton*, Chad Loveland**, BurntOrangeBenjamins88***, BWaj22***
155 - - Ride Together, Die Together*
154 - - icebowl68*, transmogrifier*, tbar1***
153 - - 33lmitch*, CalGarcia3**
152 thepainster Witten mittens*, jfinch027*
151 - - bandoozle*, AnderJ86*
150 hookerhome, Jessy S JonnyDanger**, DoomsDay Dub***, tsylvest***
149 smax17177 - -
148 Rev.Trublue, Terry Densa*, cowtownNcowboysfan**, DarthGrumpa**
147 - - Jakuando*, carguy102*, maragath*
145 - - Zmen*
144 - - meisternance**
143 - - yobwoc*
142 - - j-man*, Mattattack*
141 - - prokopii**
"Regulars" are participants who haven't missed a single week in our challenge, "Part-Timers" received one or more freebies (as denoted by the asterisks) depending on the number of weeks they missed.

My trusty sidekick Hookerhome will publish a FanPost with the full results sometime later this week, and you'll find the results of every single participant in that post.

This ends our Pick 256 Challenge for the year.

Thank you all for your participation.

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