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Six Things We're Thinking: How Long Will Cowboys Window Remain Open?

Is this the Cowboys best shot at a title in the next ten years? How many seasons does Romo have left? Can the defense continue to outperform expectations? Just three of the things we've been thinking about recently.

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Random musings, misgivings, and stray thoughts from the BTB writers.


Rabblerousr: I'm thinking it may be 2014 or bust.

One more reason for Jason Garrett and Company to go "all in" is that this current opportunity, with this particular constellation of individuals, isn't going to present itself again. After all, when is the next time the planets will align in the way they have this season? And here's the tough pill to swallow: with news circulating about the potential departures of Will McClay and Rod Marinelli, as well as the umpteen free agents-to-be, this might prove to be the Cowboys best shot at a title in the next ten years.

Play the starters for all 60 minutes against the Redskins? Hell yeah. There aren't many chances remaining for this group to play together, especially at this level and with this clean a bill of health. They want to seize every one they can. I don't blame them...

Tom Ryle: I'm just feeling weird and wonderful to still have meaningful Cowboys football to write about. I could get used to this, and unlike Rabs, I do think this is sustainable. I will agree that it is going to be hard to maintain the level of the current team without some setback, but I don't think it will be severe or long term. The only really crucial challenge is going to be finding the next franchise quarterback. That has the potential to derail things for several seasons, but if Romo really has three or four more seasons in him, the team should be back in the postseason very soon.


OCC: Earlier in the season, when the Eagles stormed out to a 7-2 record, I had nothing but ridicule for the Eagles. I have nothing but ridicule for the Eagles all the time on principle, but this time I had a reason: The Eagles defense and special teams had been carrying the scoring load, and doing so at a historic pace. Over the first nine games, special teams and the defense scored nine TDs (2 punt return TDs, 2 INT return TDs, 2 fumble return TDs, 2 blocked punt TDs, and 1 kickoff return TD).

I felt certain that this was not sustainable in any way, shape, or form, and sure enough, the Eagles would score just two more non-offensive TDs in their remaining seven games - and go 3-4 in the process.

Over their last four games, the Cowboys have recorded 12 takeaways, three more than the next best team over that span. At the same time, they've only committed three turnovers for a stunning +9 turnover ratio.

I worry that this may not be sustainable in any way, shape, or form.


Dawn Macelli: Bruce Carter remains an enigma. He is the linebacking version of Archie Manning's youngest son; some days you get the good Bruce who makes a pair of big interceptions but all the while you are wondering when the switch is going to get flipped and Carter is going to make a mistake to surrender the big play. I wonder when bad Bruce is going to make his return and how much that will cost the team.

Gary Morris: I've been wondering who we will keep next year. Could it be possible to sign everyone we want to keep given a possibly huge increase in the cap looming?

I also wonder who our starters at linebacker will be next season. I think a lineup of Sean Lee, Rolando McClain and Anthony Hitchens would be just unbelievable.


Neithan20000: I'm interested in what's going on with our secondary. They've played really well lately. Is the good performance because of matchups, a change in scheme, or just stepping up play? And can we keep it up against the high powered offenses we'll see in the playoffs?

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