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Remember Last Year? Cowboys Defense Fares Better This Time Around

Chicago in December is a cold place, but this year's match up between Da Bears and Dem Cowboys was nothing compared to the meeting last season, in more ways than one. For starters, the Dallas defense got the job done this time.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears hosted the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14 of the 2013 NFL season, just as they did in Week 14 this year. In the 2013 game, it was the Cowboys who could not stop the Bears offense. A quick look back at the game book from that meeting reveals just how bad the Dallas defense was during that game. For those who might have forgotten, here is a summary of how the Chicago offensive possessions played out during that game:

1 12 85 7:27 Touchdown
2 10 65 5:34 Touchdown
3 9 63 3:49 Field Goal
4 5 60 0:37 Touchdown
5 7 43 2:58 Field Goal
6 14 85 8:10 Touchdown
7 3 43 0:58 Touchdown
8 11 49 7:05 Field Goal
9 1 -1 0:06 End Of Game

Last time around, Chicago's offense, behind backup QB Josh McCown, was unstoppable. The defensive performance this season left a lot to be desired, especially as the game wound to a close, but the end result was much better than what we saw just 12 months ago. There is much work to be done if the Cowboys hope to earn an invitation to the NFL's post-season party but they did start to lay the groundwork in the Windy City. Let's take a look at what this edition of the Cowboys defense did on Thursday night.

1 8 11 4:48 Punt
2 3 9 1:31 Punt
3 8 85 4:37 Touchdown
4 1 -1 0:08 End Of Half
5 3 23 1:01 Fumble
6 3 5 2:16 Punt
7 6 23 2:16 Punt
8 5 50 2:17 Touchdown
9 12 72 5:18 Touchdown
10 3 34 1:08 Touchdown
11 9 65 2:12 Interception

A Dallas defense that did not get off the field a single time against the Bears in 2013 actually stopped the Chicago offense on six drives this time around. Until the fourth quarter they actually were quite serviceable. There were breakdowns throughout the game, but still they were getting the job done. With the game in hand they had a meltdown and I am sure that is something Rod Marinelli and his staff will work on heavily before the team travels to Philadelphia for a return engagement with the Eagles

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