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Cole Beasley Poised For More In Dallas Cowboys' Offense

Over his three year career with the Dallas Cowboys, wide out Cole Beasley has been up and down in terms of his usage in the offense. Now, though, it's time for his role to expand.

David Banks/Getty Images

We all know Cole Beasley. Honestly, after Thursday night, we all love him as well. The man used his 5-foot-8, 180 pound frame to power through Chris Conte on his way to the endzone for his first touchdown. That was just the beginning, but it did leave Cowboys' fans stunned due to the power that he showed on that play.

Beasley, usually known for his quickness and crisp route running, just powered through a safety who was doing everything possible to keep him from reaching the goal line. It was a beautiful thing, but it only got better. In the third quarter, with the Cowboys up 14-7, Tony Romo rolled to his right and tossed up a bit of a fade into the corner near the front of the endzone. We saw Dez Bryant cutting towards the area, but he was too far away from the ball to have a shot at it. Then, just as it was scripted (perfectly scripted, right?), the ball landed right in Beasley's hands, and he turned and dove for his second touchdown of the night.

The former SMU wide out has been one of the most clutch receivers when Romo needs to pick up a key first down, and he has incredibly reliable hands. While Beasley seems to have hit and miss performances, his last three games have told the story of what his role could look like moving forward. Back in the win against the New York Giants, Beasley had two catches for 66 yards and a touchdown. He followed that up with four catches for 41 yards against the Eagles and then Thursday's three catches, 42 yards and two touchdown performance.

While the Cowboys see double-coverage against Dez Bryant, and the box being stacked against DeMarco Murray, Beasley has no problem reaping the benefits of the openings that he's getting. He is the definition of a slot receiver, but as the year goes on, and as his time in Dallas continues, I believe that he'll remain as one of the most consistent players on this Cowboys' roster. The numbers just don't lie, as Beasley has caught 75.8% of his passes, and 54.5 percent of those catches have gone for first downs.

Expect to see more Beasley over the final three games of the 2014 season, and expect that to result in some positive things for the Cowboys' offense.

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