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2015 Dallas Cowboys Schedule Coming Into Focus

Each year the NFL makes a big production about 'releasing the schedule' in April. But the NFL's scheduling formula has already determined 14 of 16 opponents each team will face next year, just not when and in what sequence.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

And with that info, we can take a quick look at what the 2015 schedule could look like for the Cowboys.

Like every year, the Cowboys will play three home games and three away games against the NFC East in 2015. The NFC division on the schedule for 2015 is the NFC South; the AFC division is the AFC East. Finally, they'll play a team each from the NFC North and NFC West that finishes in the same spot in their division as the Cowboys will in the NFC East.

The home and away matchups have also already been determined. Per the NFL Record & Fact Book these are:

Home Opponents Away Opponents
NFC East Eagles Eagles
Giants Giants
Redskins Redskins
NFC South Falcons Saints
Panthers Buccaneers
AFC East Patriots Dolphins
Jets Bills
NFC NFC West opponent NFC North opponent

So the only unknown teams for the Cowboys are the intraconference opponents from the NFC North and NFC West. The Cowboys will finish the season either in first or second place in the NFC East. With the division standings as they are, the NFC North opponent will either be the Packers or the Lions; the NFC West opponent could be either the Cardinals, the Seahawks, or the 49ers.

If the Cowboys were to win the NFC East, the two intraconference teams as it currently stands would be the Packers in Green Bay and the Cardinals in Dallas; if the Cowboys were to finish second, those teams could be the Lions in Detroit and the Seahawks in Dallas.

If you just ran through the schedule and came up with an 8-8 finish for the Cowboys, you'll need to reboot and upgrade to a better operating meme; your current one is out of date.

What are your thoughts on the 2015 schedule?

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