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NFL Week 14 Fan Picks: Who Are You Rooting For As Playoff Races Heat Up?

We take a look at the fan picks for the Week 14 games and wonder which teams to root for, given that the Cowboys have already played and are now busy preparing for the Eagles.

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Week 14 Picks, 232 participants
Game Favorite BTB vote
ATL @ GB (-13) Green Bay 99%
HOU (-6) @ JAC Houston 98%
CAR @ NO (-10) New Orleans 98%
TB @ DET (-10) Detroit 97%
BUF @ DEN (-10) Denver 97%
SF (-8) @ OAK San Francisco 97%
NYJ @ MIN (-5.5) Minnesota 96%
DAL (-3.5) @ CHI Dallas 94%
STL (-3) @ WAS St. Louis 88%
SEA @ PHI (-1) Seattle 86%
IND (-3.5) @ CLE Indy 85%
NE (-4) @ SD New England 82%
KC (-1) @ ARI Kansas City 76%
PIT @ CIN (-3) Cincinnati 71%
NYG @ TEN (-1) NY Giants 67%
BAL @ MIA (-3) Miami 55%

Our Pick 256 Challenge is a season-long contest in which BTB members and readers get to pick the straight-up winners for all games each week.

The Cowboys kicked off Week 14 on a good note when they manhandled the Bears in Chicago on Thursday night, setting up a showdown with the Eagles for the division title next week.

But as convincing as the win in Chicago turned out to be, the Cowboys fans participating in our Pick 256 Challenge were not as convinced about a Cowboys victory prior to the game as they are about some of the other games on the Week 14 schedule.

"Only" 94% of our participants picked the Cowboys to win against the Bears. By itself, that is a pretty high number, but it pales in comparison to the confidence our Cowboys fans have in other teams this weekend, as you can see in the table on the right.

But a high vote of confidence is by no means a guarantee for a win, and losses by the Packers, Lions and 49ers would be good news for the Cowboys' playoff chances and playoff seeding - unlikely as those losses may be.

The fan vote gets a little more interesting further down the table, where the consensus has the Eagles losing to the Seahawks, and the Chiefs winning in Arizona.

So while the Cowboys aren't playing, there are many teams to root for and against as the playoff races heat up.

Which team or teams will you be cheering for on Sunday?


Here's a link to the Excel file with all the picks for Week 14, for those who are interested in tracking the results themselves.

Pick 256 Tracker Week 14

Once you open the file, you'll see a blue title bar into which you can enter the winning teams to see where you end up among all participants. The title bar is currently populated with the winners of the Thursday games, as well as the consensus picks for the remaining games. If you want to see how you fared during or after the weekend games, simply input your own picks into the title bar and see how many correct picks you have.

In any case, have fun with the file and good luck with your picks.

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