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A Shoutout To The Seattle Seahawks: Dallas Cowboys Control Their Own Destiny Once Again

The Dallas Cowboys got a big win against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, and then they got another win on Sunday, when the Seattle Seahawks knocked off the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

It was just one week before the Dallas Cowboys dominated the Chicago Bears. Dallas looked like a team who had lost their way. Mistakes, turnovers, awful blocking, no defense, the works. The Cowboys were literally struggling across the board, and were dismantled by one of their biggest rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, 33-10.

Oh, what a difference a week makes.

After it seemed like the Eagles were poised to take over and run their fast-paced offense all the way to an NFC East title, things have taken an intriguing turn. Earlier in the week we discussed about how big the game for the Cowboys was on Thursday night, mainly because this Eagles' team could lose to the Seattle Seahawks. Well, thank you Seattle, because you've officially given the Cowboys the chance to control their own destiny with three games remaining.

Heading into next weekend's Sunday Night Football matchup in Philadelphia, both teams are 9-4, and the winner will grab the reigns of the NFC East. To make things even sweeter, the Cowboys get the chance at a little bit of redemption after the brutal Thanksgiving day loss. Is there any way that we could have set up a better storyline?

While we should be thanking the Seahawks for keeping the Cowboys' divisional champion hopes alive, we also need to be aware of what's ahead. After the Cowboys get their shot at the Eagles, they face the 9-4 Indianapolis Colts, and a team in the Washington Redskins who we all know would love to ruin the Cowboys' season. It won't be an easy stretch, but this is where the Cowboys' leaders need to step up, and help take this team to the next level.

Seattle's Dominance Over Philadelphia

If the Cowboys were watching the Seahawks/Eagles game, let's hope they were taking notes. Seattle's defense absolutely shut down the Eagles, giving up a total of only 139 total yards, nine first downs and they also forced two turnovers. In total, the Eagles had 18 minutes of possession, and were simply shut down offensively.

To break down even further how dominant Seattle's defense was, LeSean McCoy rushed 17 times for 50 yards (2.9 YPC), and Mark Sanchez completed 50% of his passes for only 96 yards. Honestly, if the Seahawks' punter, Jon Ryan, hadn't dropped the snap on a punt, which gave the Eagles the ball on the 14-yard line to start their second drive, this one could have been even worse.

Obviously, Philadelphia is going to come out looking hungry after losing this way, but don't expect the Cowboys to forget about Thanksgiving. The headlines were tough to swallow after that loss, and the Cowboys have been road warriors, posting a ridiculous 6-0 record away from the AT&T Stadium.

It's time to get ready for Philly, because we have a massive game coming up one week from today. For now, though, let's take a minute to thank the Seahawks.

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