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Dallas Cowboys Offseason Schedule Through The Draft

The important dates for the Cowboys offseason.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A big hat tip to Calvin Watkins over at ESPN Dallas for updating us on the Dallas Cowboys offseason schedule through the draft. I'll highlight the dates here plus give my own spin.

Feb 17: Franchise Tagging begins. Probably not a big deal for Dallas this year, Anthony Spencer will not be tagged again and it's doubtful Jason Hatcher would be tagged. The Cowboys brass has already said they will not be tagging anyone this year.

Feb 19 - 25: The combine! The Underwear Olympics begin, all the players will be put through on-field and off-field tests.

March 8-11: Start negotiations for unrestricted free agents and make qualifying offers to restricted free agents. The Cowboys have to make qualifying decisions on Chris Jones and Phillip Tanner.

March 11: Free agency begins! Will the Cowboys be players in the market? Probably not in a big way but they will undoubtedly pursue some of the cheaper vets that are on the market.

April 21: The Cowboys can begin offseason workouts. All eyes will be on Tony Romo.

May 8-10: NFL Christmas!

So BTB, will the Cowboys make any moves in free agency? Got any under-the-radar vets you'd like to see in a Cowboys uniform. Also, what will you be looking for at the combine? Anyone special you'll be tracking?

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