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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: George Selvie Kudos; NFL Franchise In London?

On a slow Sunday for Cowboys news, we still endeavor to bring you some morsels to digest.

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Thank goodness the combine is coming up. That little event will shake up the news for the NFL, but in the meantime we'll talk about these subjects.

George Selvie was one of the brightest spots on the Cowboys defense in 2013. The street-free-agent brought in at the beginning of camp proved to be worthy of starting status in the NFL. Now, the Cowboys have him wrapped up for one more season, but what will his role be? Some of it depends on what happens with DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer, but it could also depend on the return to health of Tyrone Crawford.

Where He Fits: Selvie should be the starter at left end unless there is a plan to move Crawford outside and use Selvie in a backup role. I do believe you will see Crawford be shifted inside to be paired with a potential draft pick and this will allow Selvie to once again get the majority of the work.

Even if Ware and Spencer both came back, the Cowboys should be ecstatic about Selvie’s future. He would be one player I start looking at keeping around past his contract. potential draft pick and this will allow Selvie to once again get the majority of the work.


The Cowboys play the Jaguars in London during the 2014 season. But could an NFL franchise actually be based out of London in the future? I don't think there's any way this could be a reality, but ever the optimist, Jerry Jones, thinks it can.

"I think that’s very possible," Jones said. "Yes, I'm very much for it. I think there's a good chance and these games will be a good indication of the kind of support we can have there. And London is one of the few cities outside of the United States that would be a great city internationally for the NFL."


Jason Garrett is balancing two different efforts as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Short-term need to win vs. long-term planning for the franchise. As a coach, need to win now usually wins out, but so far Garrett has neither won big now, nor laid out a definite vision of the future for the Cowboys.

In what could be Garrett’s last season in Dallas, his vision for the Cowboys is not much clearer than it was the day he took the reins from the fired Wade Phillips. The blueprints for the team he wanted to build have constantly been redrafted. The assistant coaches charged with installing the program he created have cycled in and out of the organization to the point that only five men remain from his original 16-person staff in 2011. Even the fundamental philosophy has been revised. After two full seasons had expired in Garrett’s regime, the Cowboys decided to scrap the 3-4 defensive system they had used since 2005 and switch to a 4-3 scheme.


Even so, he still has the backing of Jerry Jones, enough so that he's really taking command of the staff and the personnel for the team, but now he needs to win with them.

Callahan would be upset, but Garrett pointed out that he expected the veteran coach to be professional and still be the offensive coordinator and offenisve (sic) line coach and do an excellent job at both. Garrett was showing he still had command of the football team despite the fact that he's entering the final year of his contract. Garrett said the business side of things will take over regarding his contract, and that means wins.

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