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NFL Combine 2014: Full Schedule, Invite List, TV Listings

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It's almost time for the combine. Here's a cheat sheet for the event.


The 2014 NFL combine officially gets underway on Wednesday of this week (Feb. 19th). The actual on-field workouts don't begin until Saturday, the time in between spent with medical exams, measurements, psych tests, interviews and bench press.

The first guys to do on-field activities will be offensive linemen and tight ends on Sat Feb 22nd. QBs, wide receivers and running backs follow on Sunday. Monday sees the defensive line and linebackers, a day that will be very interesting to fans of the Dallas Cowboys. Next Tuesday will close the festivities with the defensive backs.

The full schedule of the combine can be found here. Also, you can download a PDF to keep handy.

You can find a full listing of combine invitees here.

The NFL Network will be broadcasting live from the combine starting at 9 AM EST on Saturday, February 22. They will also stream it.

For your viewing pleasure, check out this video on SB Nation's latest mock draft.