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Blogging The Boys Tuesday Chat With KD and The Crew: Live With Your Questions

Join Us for our weekly Cowboys chat, as we have a turn at answering your latest Cowboys questions.


Welcome to the BTB Q&A Session for Tuesday, February 18th!

As mentioned in the header, I (@KDP10for10) will be hosting, and checking out our Twitter accounts for questions along the way, so even non-BTB members can join in. I'll be joined throughout the chat by Tom Ryle (@TomRyleBTB) an Dawn Macelli (@BTB_Macelli) to add further to the awesomeness.

All we ask are that you keep the topics Cowboys related (don't get us off on a tangent - trust me), and please adhere to the BTB site standards. We are here to discuss, not cuss and fight. Also, keep it at one question per comment or tweet to make it more likely we will get all the queries answered.

The Combine, Franchise Tags and creeping up on the league year.

We will go live at 8 pm EST (7 CST for those of you in Cowboys land) and run at least through 9 o'clock tonight. Look forward to the chat!

Also, don't forget that the Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast returns tomorrow night, live at 9pm ET. Here's the link, I expect you all there on time!

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