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Cowboys News: Coin Tossing And Combining

The Combine starts today. And other stuff.

It all starts today!
It all starts today!

Cowboys, Ravens to flip for draft positions at NFL combine - ESPN Dallas

A coin flip between the Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday morning at the NFL combine in Indianapolis will determine who gets the No. 16 or No. 17 overall picks of the draft.

This is big for us here at Blogging the Boys! At last, we no longer will have to write "16/17" when talking about where the Cowboys will pick in the first round.

NFL Combine 2014: Complete list of invited players released -
Of course, there are other things going on besides the coin flip. If you want a complete list of the players that will be in Indianapolis, just follow the link above.

NFL Combine 2014: Press conference schedule -
Here is a list of the coaches and GM's currently scheduled to speak. And one name has been added, which is probably of interest to all here.

Cowboys prep for NFL scouting combine - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas
The real focus of the Underwear Olympics, as we all know, is to figure out who you want, and who you don't.

The combine brings the draft season into focus with more than 300 prospects on hand for medical exams, position testing and interviews with the teams. The combine can sway opinions on players, despite what teams say, but perhaps the most valuable tool from the weeklong session are the 60 official interviews and the other conversations scouts and coaches have with players.

‘14 NFL Draft: Grading the CB’s/S -
This list is interesting for one reason: It shows both Calvin Pryor and HaHa Clinton-Dix as second round talents (with no safeties worthy of a first round pick). It makes you wonder where they will really go?

Should Cowboys try to keep Brian Waters, who turns 37 Tuesday? - ESPN
This is a pretty good question, although as the article acknowledges, first you have to figure out if he even wants to play any more. But if he does, he did do a good job while he was healthy last season.

Waters did enough in 2013 to show he can still play. Maybe not at the All-Pro level he once played, but certainly good enough for a team to win games with him. But he is 37.

Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith needs long-term deal - ESPN Dallas
The article gives Calvin Watkins' suggestion as to whether the team should take care of Tyron Smith or Dez Bryant first. It is a good answer - but this is one of those debates where either option is hard to argue with.

But Smith's play, which earned him a Pro Bowl berth, was the best on the offensive line. The Cowboys need Smith, who turns 24 in December, to command the position for about 10 years. He's a stable player on and off the field, which is another plus for the Cowboys.

Locking Smith up at this stage makes the Cowboys look smart.

Roster Rundown: Consistency Of Bailey Goes Unmatched
There are a few Dan Bailey fans on the staff here at BTB, and we support this message.

He's the most consistent player on the Cowboys, playing a position that was anything but consistent for the team before he came around. Bailey's drilled more than 93 percent of his field goal attempts each of the last two seasons, while his long-range abilities get better every year.

DeAngelo Hall to Sign 4-Year Deal With Redskins | NBC4 Washington
Our division rival is spending money again. Dez will be matched up against him for a few more years, it appears. Gee, maybe he will lose a step or two before that contract runs out.

DeAngelo Hall says he'll spend the next four years as a Redskin: The 30-year-old cornerback will sign a four-year deal with the team.

Dallas Cowboys ‘getting lay of land’ as they determine whether to keep or part ways with DeMarcus Ware, Miles Austin | Dallas Morning News
Dallas is in no hurry to decide what to do about its own players.

"We're still gathering all of our information and getting the lay of the land," Stephen Jones said. Obviously, DeMarcus had a hell of a career, but when we're in the cap situation that we're in and obviously counting as much as he is obviously you have to look at it along with several others."

Cowboys Player Personell Man Will McClay: "We're Looking For Speed." - Blogging The Boys
This lays out what McClay's role is with the Cowboys and also gives a little insight into the way things work at Valley Ranch.

Q: Now that you're the lead dog on the sled in building the board and things like that, talk about how you're going to work with Jerry Jones.

McClay: The thing that's kind of a mis-perception out there is that Jerry does these things on his own and he doesn't listen to his people and all those things. What Jerry does is take in that information. My job is to try to get the guys to have somewhat of a unified voice, that we're looking at things the right way and have a process that's consistent, so that the information that comes to him is consistent.

He listens to us, he listens to the scouts, he's going to take the input of the coaches and the scouts. And what we try to do is ... you know, there's a deal in scouting where ... well in football and in NFL organizations, there's a general deal that sometimes the coaches and the scouts don't see eye to eye. We're trying to bridge that gap. We want to find out what the coaches want. We also want the coaches to respect the work the scouts put in and the information that we have. We take all that information, put it in a pot, mix it up and be able to give Jerry the right information as best we know how and help him make the right decisions.

Finally, I just want to add this without further comment, because, really, what can you add?

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