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2014 NFL Salary Cap: DeMarcus Ware, The Cap & Patience

The Cowboys won't be doing anything until they know the magical number.

Ronald Martinez

Yesterday, we had a bit of hysteria. It all stemmed from a writer at the DMN stating in a video clip that it's his opinion the Dallas Cowboys will cut DeMarcus Ware. That was somehow transformed into a poorly-worded headline on another site that implied a Cowboys reporter had information that the Cowboys would cut Ware. That led many more to pass along the "news" on Twitter, and soon all Cowboys fans were in a state of excitement/anxiety.

But, what we really had was a whole lot of nothing. And everybody should have realized that. Applying a little logic to the situation would have led one to the conclusion - why would the Cowboys do anything with Ware until they know the final salary cap number? That number will inform all of their offseason moves.

For months, we thought it would be $126 million. Over the last couple of weeks that number has migrated north to $133 million. That's $7 million more dollars the Cowboys have if the $133 million turns out to be accurate. The same source who gave the Washington Post that number says the cap will be decided in the next couple of days. We'll see if it is that soon, but we'll definitely know by March 11th, the start of the new calendar year.

In the meantime, I'm sure Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones and the rest of the guys are running through multiple scenarios concerning Ware. Keep him, restructure him, ask him for a pay cut and then decide to keep or cut him. As of this point, the Cowboys are in no hurry. They haven't even talked to Ware's agent yet. And I guarantee you they will not cut Ware, if that's the direction they are headed, before asking for at least a pay cut.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that there’s been no communication between the two sides about any adjustment to Ware’s contract. With the start of free agency drawing closer, now would seem to be a pretty good time to get things started since the Cowboys could use the cap relief whether or not they plan to pursue players from other teams.

The idea that the Cowboys need to hurry so they can make it under the cap is just false. Especially if the cap is $133 million. As we've discussed many times before, the Cowboys can get under the cap by restructuring roughly three deals. These are moves they'll more than likely make whether they keep or cut Ware. Dallas is under no pressure to decide on Ware now. They can hold out on the decision and actually gain some leverage on him.

So what do you think will happen?

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