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Blogging The Boys Tuesday Chat: Live With Your Questions

Join us tonight with your questions. We will dazzle you with our brilliance. Or baffle you with, um, something else.

Was Charles Haley snubbed by the Hall of Fame?
Was Charles Haley snubbed by the Hall of Fame?
Wesley Hitt

Welcome to the BTB Q&A Session for Tuesday, February 4th!

After the inaugural live chat hosted by KD Drummond and Joey Ickes went so well, Dawn Macelli invited me to join her in a reprise of the chat. We are opening the topics tonight with Charles Haley not making the Hall of Fame, and want to know what you think about him and other Dallas Cowboys who should be in the Hall. We also want to know who has been left out of the Ring of Honor (cough) Harvey Martin, Darren Woodson, Jimmy Johnson (cough).

But we are open to any other topics you may want to bring up. If there is enough interest, we might be looking at making this a regular Tuesday night slot, with a rotating series of hosts, so you are welcome to provide feedback on that.

Dawn (@BTB_Macelli) and I (@TomRyleBTB) will be here, and as you may have deduced, we will also be checking out Twitter accounts for questions, so even non-BTB members can join in. All we ask are that you keep the topics Cowboys related (don't get us off on a tangent - trust me), and please adhere to the BTB site standards. We are here to discuss, not cuss and fight. Also, keep it at one question per comment or tweet to make it more likely we will get all the queries answered.

We will go live at 8 pm EST (7 CST, for both Dawn and me) and run until 10. Talk to you then!

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