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Cowboys News & Notes: Let The Seattle Comparisons Begin

Your Morning Cowboys Headlines: With the predictable comparisons to the new champs. Grab your cup of Joe and enjoy.

Ronald Martinez
How Similar Are Jason Garrett, Pete Carroll | ESPN Dallas

With the Seahawks now considered the model franchise in the NFL, that places Pete Carroll on a pedestal among head coaches. Todd Archer, draws some similarities between the Super Bowl winning coach, and the coach your favorite team employs.

We sometimes mistake the Garrett who addresses the media as the Garrett who addresses the team. We saw a glimpse into what he is really like during his introductory meeting with the players at training camp last summer. Players talk about his motivational tactics all the time.

So Garrett doesn’t have to start chewing gum and prowl the sidelines looking to give the next high five or even play music in practice -- we made fun of Wade Phillips when he did it, remember? It was a lack of discipline then.

You are who you are. If Garrett changed publicly, it would be phony.

What Garrett is trying to sell is what Carroll has sold.

Seahawks' dominating Super Bowl win leaves Jerry Jones without spin when it comes to Cowboys | Dallas Morning News

David Moore argues that unlike the last two years, which were won by teams (NYG, BAL) who barely managed to sneak away from the Cowboys with victories, this Super Bowl featured a dominating performance by a team that dominated these Cowboys in their most recent match up. With this truth, Moore states that this reality should change the tune coming out of Valley Ranch this off season

And we’ll see how Jerry Jones sells hope to Cowboys fans over the next several months.

Seattle Draft Mastery Sets Bar For Dallas, NFL |

Rowan Kavner takes a turn at the mothership highlighting the recent late round exploits of the Seahawks. Highlighting some numbers along the way.

Some teams can turn late-round draft picks and undrafted players into contributors. The Seahawks figured out how to turn them into the most feared defenders in the league. They’re a step ahead of the rest of the league in that department and hoisted a championship trophy as evidence.

All but two of the Seahawks’ defensive starters against the Broncos were either drafted by Seattle or undrafted altogether.

We at BTB were on the same page as Kavner, but we decided to look at HOW they were able to reach this point.

Could Cowboys Open 2014 In Seattle? | ESPN Dallas

Todd Archer opines that as Adam Schefter and Peter King reported, the Cowboys will and should receive consideration for the Thursday Night opening of the 2014 NFL Season. Why would the NFL choose Dallas over Seattle's rivals the 49ers, or a Super Bowl Rematch with the Broncos. I don't think anyone could put it better than Archer when he says...

Ratings, silly.

Despite their 8-8, 8-8 and 8-8 finishes, the Cowboys are a national draw. Sometimes it’s because people actually like the team. Other times it’s to see just what way they could possibly lose. That’s what makes Jerry Jones such a marketing genius.

Yep Todd, you nailed it...

The boys over at ESPN were busy Tuesday....

Age Not A Factor For Cowboys | ESPN Dallas
DL Is Where Cowboys Should Copy Seattle | ESPN Dallas
Terrance Williams Is Ready To Take Over | ESPN Dallas
Five Wonders: Can Dallas Go Deep In 2014? | ESPN Dallas

With all of this Cowboys news, and with all the stories coming out only a few days after the Super Bowl. There's really no doubt that the Hefty Lefty, aka the Pillsbury Throw-boy, Jared Lorenzen won the internet Tuesday, with video surfacing of his debut in the Continental Indoor Football League, as QB of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters. There's no doubt you'll want to check out the brilliance here.

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