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Is This DeMarco Murray's Last Season As A Cowboy?

The last year of a rookie contract brings up an interesting decision for Dallas.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarco Murray finally broke through as a Dallas Cowboy. His first two years in the league were filled with remarkable potential that was constantly derailed by injuries. In 2013, Murray managed to stay relatively healthy, missing only two games, and ended up as one of the better backs in the NFL for the year. He racked up 1,121 yards along with nine touchdowns. He also caught 53 passes for 350 yards and an additional TD. Those are impressive stats. Enough to send Murray to the Pro Bowl.

Now Dallas faces the tricky decision. As noted by Todd Archer today, Murray in 2013 was a huge bargain contract-wise for the Cowboys. Murray's contract runs through the 2014 season, so he will be a bargain again this year if he stays healthy.

Suppose his 2014 season is similar to 2013, then do the Cowboys re-sign him, or extend him sometime mid-season? That's the dilemma that you face with running backs that you don't face with other players. If you had a young receiver, or a young lineman, or a young linebacker putting up killer stats and making Pro Bowls, it's a no-brainer to re-sign or extend them. But running backs are notorious for burning out quickly. The amount of hits they take tends to limit their effectiveness over the years, with some notable exceptions. Murray has already had his issues with injuries, so is a second contract with Dallas a wise move? No matter how well he does in 2014?

Also working into this equation is the fact that running back seems to be the most commoditized position in the NFL. You can find them everywhere and you can find them in the mid- to late-rounds of the draft. (Murray is a third-rounder).

So, for our Friday evening debate, we ask will DeMarco Murray be a Dallas Cowboy in 2015? Answers and explanations are welcomed in the comments.

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