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DeMarcus Ware Signs With Denver; Deal For 3 Years, $30 Million

DeMarcus Ware has found a new home.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarcus Ware will be lining up for the Denver Broncos in 2014. The deal came together quickly today, and you can see why, at least on Ware's end, from the numbers.

Boy, was I ever wrong about assuming that Ware's worth on the market wouldn't come near what he was scheduled to get from the Cowboys in 2014. He actually managed to exceed it in year one from the Broncos. But Denver only guaranteed the first two years, so they can get out from under it quickly if Ware's health falters again.

I love DeMarcus Ware, he's been one of my favorite Cowboys for as long as he was here, but the Broncos are paying for the Ware of three years ago, not today. Still, they know they have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl and they know that window is short with Peyton Manning, so they are going all in on Ware and others to win now. I can't fault that strategy.

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