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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Still Looking At Jason Hatcher And Henry Melton

A lot has happened in Cowboys Nation in the last 48 hours. DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin no longer part of the team, new players have been added and the Cowboys will remain active in free agency.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed all of the activity of the last two days, here's a brief summary:


Cowboys' D-Line Pursuits: 'The Delicate Dance' | Mike Fisher, FOX Sports
Fisher writes that the Cowboys are involved in a delicate dance as they try to find the three-technique for their defensive line:

Sources say Dallas has Hatcher and Melton atop its wish list. They play the same position (3-technique), are represented by the same agent (Jordan Woy), are beloved by the same defensive coordinator (ex-Chicago boss Rod Marinelli is now in Dallas) and each has some level of baggage. Hatcher, coming off an 11-sack Pro Bowl season, will turn 32 this year. Melton is just 27 but missed most of last season and is coming off of left ACL surgery.[...]

The Cowboys need to juggle all that information, weigh factors against each other, try not to insult one candidate while flirting with another and monitor the progress of their talks with other suitors.

A delicate dance.

Dallas Cowboys have to follow through on plan for real credit - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Part one of the Cowboys plan was about making difficult decisions on long-time players, Archer writes, but part two may be even more difficult: replacing that production on the field. Archer argues that by "spending a little on a lot," the Cowboys are going about it the right way.

Sean Lee now the face of Dallas Cowboys D - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Lee, already a team captain for the last two seasons, is now The Man on defense, according to Archer.

Lee is everything that coach Jason Garrett wants in a player. He is tough, accountable, unselfish and talented. He knows the score. He knows he has to stay on the field for the Cowboys to have a chance to make the playoffs.

He can change games like Ware can, just in different ways. He has 11 interceptions in his career, two returned for touchdowns. He is a tackling machine. He is the brains of a defense. He can make sure other defenders are lined up in the correct spot. He can cover up their mistakes, too.

He just has to stay healthy.

In his own words: DeMarcus Ware at his Denver Broncos presser, thanks Jones, Parcells for drafting him - Clarence Hill, Star-Telegram
Classy to the very end - that's DeMarcus Ware. Hill offers up the transcript from DeMarcus Ware's first Denver Press Conference, in which Ware has nothing but positive things to say about the Cowboys, quite a contrast to the daily commentary that surrounds the Dallas Cowboys from media and fans alike.

Source: Anthony Spencer to visit Washington Redskins on Thursday | Brandon George, DMN
More notable than the fact that Anthony Spencer is making the rounds as a free agent is this little tidbit George slips into his article:

Spencer is still recovering from the surgery, though he’s running now. But he isn’t expected to be 100 percent ready by the opening of training camp.

Scouting Report: New DT McClain Is Hard To Move - Bryan Broaddus,
Broaddus offers a scouting report that goes beyond a recital of the player's NFL and college stats. An excerpt:

The first thing you notice about the player is his ability to sit down at the point of attack. He’s a hard guy to move, knows how to fire his hands inside and control the blocker -- really quick hands. This guy plays with some lower body power, as well.

He’s able to control the down blocks from the guard, or deal with the center one-on-one. I like how he is able to fire those hands, then you see him quickly look for the ball carrier -- active. Another thing is that he’s always working to get to the ball. He will play down the line and outside the tackle box. For the limited amount of snaps he got, it was rare that you saw him on the ground or stuck on a block. He makes a big effort and hustle plays.


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