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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: "Jerry Jones Has Swagger."

Your Sunday morning Cowboys headlines.

Tom Pennington

New Dallas Cowboy Jeremy Mincey says 'Electric' Jerry Jones has swagger | Dallas Morning News
The DMN has a partial transcript of an interview with new Cowboys defensive end Jeremy Mincey, who recently appeared on Sirius-XM Radio. Mincey's account of his meeting with Jerry Jones is like a call-to-arms for all Jerry bashers:

"It’s exciting, man. When I first signed, I was in the office with Jerry Jones and he is a very electric guy; he lights up the room when you’re around him. I’ve never seen a guy of that age with that much swagger. I love that. It’s like he loves the game the way I do. He had me rub all the championship trophies. I was rubbing them all. He told me to go ahead and get a feel to that, because ‘that’s what we’re trying to bring to Dallas.’ And I told him, I looked him right in the eye and I told him, ‘that’s what I’m all about Mr. Jerry Jones.’"

Report: Cowboys' free agent target Henry Melton in deep negotiations with Seahawks, may miss Dallas visit | Brandon George, DMN
Henry Melton may be off the market before he ever makes his way to Texas.

... and if Melton eventually makes it to Dallas, expect his asking price to be very, very high.

Cowboys’ slim chance of landing free agent DE Julius Peppers is gone | Brandon George, DMN
Given that the Packers offered Peppers "Ware-type money" (three years, $30 million), the Cowboys probably were never even in contention for Peppers' services


DeVonte Holloman: "Better days are ahead for this team, I promise you that." | All 22 Breakdown
Jordan Ross scores another interview with a Cowboys player, this time with DeVonte Holloman. Here's an excerpt, follow the link above for the full interview.

JORDAN ROSS: You will be battling for a full-time starting spot next season. What do you think you specifically bring to the table that will help this defense improve in 2014?

DEVONTE HOLLOMAN: I think that I’ll be able to bring some more fire and a higher level of intensity to the defense next year.

JORDAN ROSS: What is the best part about being a Cowboy, and what does the star on your helmet mean to you? And is there anything else you want to say to the fans?

DEVONTE HOLLOMAN: The history and tradition of the star is unmatched by any other organization. It’s a privilege to be a Cowboy and I don’t take that for granted. I also want to say that I appreciate all of the real fans out there who stick with us through thick and thin. Better days are ahead for this team, I promise you that.


Reality of free-agent contracts means that most teams have an out -
Jason La Canfora argues that not a single NFL contract signed over the last five days should be taken at face value.

Contracts are not guaranteed (as we know), and even many guarantees aren't really guaranteed. Teams demand rolling guarantees with a period of time each year in which a player they just signed can be released after any given season with almost no cash or cap consequences. This is a business where the numbers that draw the most attention -- the maximum values of deals -- draw all the attention, but carry none of the weight.

When stripped to their core these contracts often reveal a different reality.

Truth is, once a team has churned through the portion of a contract where the guarantees have expired players generally become expendable -- especially those who aren't living up to the often unattainable standard of deals that includes heavy roster bonuses or bloated base salaries in the later years of the deal.

Cowboys' free-agent signings reveal plan of attack to improve worst defense in NFL | Brandon George, DMN
It's not rocket science: Draft well and plug holes in free agency.

The Cowboys’ plan of attack appears to be adding bargain-priced depth and seeking starters in May’s draft. Jones is all about quick-twitch defensive linemen, but he won’t have a quick-trigger in showering free agents with millions. Dallas doesn’t have the salary cap space to be aggressive.

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