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Anthony Spencer Visiting Giants; Henry Melton, Brandon Weeden To Visit Dallas

The wheels keep turning in free agency.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys free agent defensive end Anthony Spencer is scheduled to visit the New York Giants. Spencer already took a trip to the Washington Redskins and now will follow that up with a trip to another of the Cowboys' NFC East rivals. Dallas has expressed an interest in keeping Spencer but are obviously content to see what the market holds before jumping in. Spencer's knee after microfracture surgery is a tricky proposition for any team, I imagine  his visits are mainly about teams gauging the extent of his recovery, and what they believe his future prospects are with the injury.

OCC touched on this in an earlier postHenry Melton is now scheduled to visit with the Cowboys on Monday according to sources. The Seahawks were supposedly deep into negotiations with Melton but were not able to complete a contract. This probably means the Cowboys are going to have pay a fair-market price if they want to sign Melton which could be expensive. Melton also has other visits lined up after Dallas, so if the Cowboys really want him, they need to get it done before he leaves town.

Dallas is also trying to line up a visit from quarterback Brandon Weeden on Monday but that hasn't been confirmed yet. We discussed the prospects of Weeden in an earlier post.

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