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Cowboys Sign Brandon Weeden To Two-Year Contract

Dallas has signed another free agent, but not the big one everyone is hoping for.


According to multiple sources, the Dallas Cowboys have signed free agent Brandon Weeden to a two year deal.

This moves will only increase speculation as to what is going to happen with Kyle Orton. Weeden seems to be a duplication as a backup quarterback. It is doubtful the Cowboys view him as the quarterback of the future and it seems unlikely that the team would carry two veteran backups, especially given the cost of Orton. The Cowboys would save about a million dollars in cap space if Orton leaves the team.

The Cowboys don't want to overuse Tony Romo in the upcoming organized activities so it's conceivable they carry all three quarterbacks at least through the early part of the offseason, or until Orton figures out his future. The details of the contract for Weeden could be an important clue.

More information will be added as it becomes available.


It appears that this is a minimum cost deal for the Cowboys.

The Cleveland Browns still owe Weeden about $2.1 million from his rookie deal. By the time all the cap accounting is done, this is a very cheap deal for Dallas.

This is looking more and more like an insurance policy for the Cowboys, and at an incredibly low price.

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