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Anthony Spencer, Cowboys Likely Playing The Waiting Game

Anthony Spencer has yet to find a suitor in free agency, and his knee is looking like the culprit.

The Dallas Cowboys and Anthony Spencer could still end up reaching some kind of deal in free agency, but it's starting to sound like that wouldn't happen until months from now. Along the way it appears there is little danger of another team signing him.

So far, Spencer has visited two teams, the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. Both of those teams have been very active in free agency and both have needed help at defensive end/outside linebacker. They both are NFC East rivals so they've seen Spencer play for years, twice a year. They know what his skills are and what he can bring to a team. Yet, both teams passed on Spencer, seemingly not even making an offer. This all has to do with his surgically repaired knee. A source for the Giants came right and said it, they aren't sure he'll recover in time to be a help in 2014.

"...offensive tackle Charles Brown visited the Giants and left without a deal. Defensive end Anthony Spencer did the same earlier in the week. It's still possible — although highly unlikely at this point — that a deal is reached with either player. The Giants have signed most of the players that have come for a visit. The former Cowboys defensive end's health has scared off the Giants, per a source. Spencer is not an option for the team at this time."

Reports have been circulating that Spencer, while starting to rehab, may not be ready by the time training camps roll around. Even Stephen Jones sounds very circumspect when it comes to Spencer's health.

"[Spencer's] bigger issue, not unlike Henry, is the injury to his knee. Certainly he's got more work to do on that, just as Henry does. I fully expect Henry to be ready for training camp -- that's probably a bigger question mark for Anthony," Jones said. "But certainly our history with him has been good … and we'd certainly love to get him back, get him healthy, and if the right opportunity is there we'll certainly look at that."

Translation, we won't be putting any money up for Spencer any time soon. Instead, we'll wait and see where we are much closer to training camp then re-evaluate the situation.

I doubt that any other team would be willing to make a commitment at this time considering three NFL teams (Redskins, Giants, Cowboys) have all looked at the knee and decided it's not time yet.

Anthony Spencer may very well be a Dallas Cowboy again, but it's not likely to happen until later this summer.

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