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Cowboys Backup Quarterback Questions: Kyle Orton Likely To Play In 2014

Apparently Kyle Orton will be back, so what is Brandon Weeden's role?

When news first broke of the Cowboys interest in Brandon Weeden, most assumed it was either insurance in case Kyle Orton chose to retire, or because the Cowboys were ready to drop Orton. Weeden comes at a much cheaper price and the Cowboys could free up a little more cap space if they parted ways with Orton.

According to Stephen Jones, none of that was the issue. The Cowboys fully expect Orton to play this year.

But here at the NFL’s owners meetings in Orlando, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said he’s had prior discussions with Orton’s agent, Dave Dunn, and has the feeling Orton is planning to play this year as expected. "Yes, that’s how I understand it," Stephen Jones said Monday morning in between league meetings at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. "I guess everyone reserves the right to change their mind. We’ve just talked to Dave briefly. We’re assuming he’s under contract and he is."

Furthermore, Jones said Weeden's signing was totally unrelated to Orton's situation and that the Cowboys could indeed carry three quarterbacks in 2014.

Weeden’s signing had nothing to do with the uncertain future of Orton, or to send any kind of message to the backup quarterback. "Nothing," Jones said. "That was an opportunity. I think it was well-documented that we had him in our second round. That was a chance to get a quarterback – I know he’s not young – but he’s young as far as league years are concerned. We like him. But if he proves out he’s worth developing, then we’ll carry three, like we did with (Stephen) McGee for many years."

It seems odd the Cowboys would carry two backup QBs who are both over 30 years of age. This would seemingly preclude Dallas from developing a young QB who they could designate as the "QB of the future".

So BTB, what's your take? Will Dallas eventually punt on either Orton or Weeden this season, keeping one experienced backup QB and possibly drafting one for the future? Do they see Weeden as part of that future? Or will they keep both guys and run with three QBs, all over 30 years of age?

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