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2014 NFL Draft: Order Of Dallas Cowboys Picks

The NFL has released the official list of draft picks for each team.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Just in case all the hoopla of compensatory picks and trades and other draft related stuff has you confused about how many picks the Cowboys have, and when they occur, we provide you with a handy list.

The official draft order for the Cowboys as designated by the NFL is as follows:

Round One - Pick 16 (Overall pick 16)

Round Two - Pick 15 (Overall pick 47)

Round Three - Pick 14 (Overall pick 78)

Round Four - Pick 19 (Overall pick 119)

Round Five - Pick 18 (Overall pick 158)

Round Seven - Pick 14 (Overall pick 229) from Chicago

Round Seven - Pick 16 (Overall pick 231)

Round Seven - Pick 23 (Overall pick 238) from Kansas City

Round Seven - Pick 33 (Overall pick 248) compensatory

Round Seven - Pick 36 (Overall pick 251) compensatory

Round Seven - Pick 39 (Overall pick 254) compensatory

The Cowboys pick in the seventh round (#14, overall #229) comes from trading Dante Rosario to the Bears last year.

Dallas traded away a pick in the sixth round last year to the Chiefs for the rights to Edgar Jones. That pick in round six is #17, overall pick #193. In return, they received Jones and the Chiefs seventh-round pick (pick #23, overall #238).

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