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Cowboys Free Agency: Is It Over For Now, Or Could They Still Be Shopping?

Dallas hasn't made a move in free agency since the signing of Henry Melton. Are they done until after the draft?

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Justin Edmonds

The Dallas Cowboys were never expected to be big players in free agency in 2014, and for the most part they haven't been. Their one big signing was defensive tackle Henry Melton, but that happened over a week ago. Since then, basically radio silence from the Cowboys on the free agency front.

So it begs the question, are they done until after the draft, or could they still be bargain shopping? This is the time when guys are signing low-cost, one- or two-year deals.

The Cowboys actually have options at defensive tackle now, with Melton and Terrell McClain joining Nick Hayden, Ben Bass, Frank Kearse, and who knows, possibly even Josh Brent down the line. At defensive end, not as much. George Selvie, Jeremy Mincey and Tyrone Crawford are basically holding down the fort. So if the Cowboys are still shopping, defensive end is a likely place to look.

There is a general consensus that the two best defensive ends left on the market are Anthony Spencer and Robert Ayers. We've already speculated that the Cowboys, and other teams, are waiting until later this summer to decide on Spencer. Nobody seems willing to trust his knee at the moment.

But Ayers is a different story. He's healthy, and it was reported right at the beginning of free agency that Dallas had interest in the Bronco. So far, he's only made one visit that I can track down and that was to the Bengals. SB Nation blog Cincy Jungle seems to like him.

Pro Football Focus sees him as a good fit for Dallas.

Who is your favorite free agent still out there and where would you like to see him end up?

Steve: Though he's not the most spectacular player, Robert Ayers is useful when used in the proper role. He always grades positively against the run, but last year he even showed well as a pass rusher picking up 42 hurries on 330 rushes. Ayers is a perfect example of draft position unfairly defining a player's career. The former first rounder certainly hasn't lived up to those lofty expectations, but taking draft position out of it, he's found a nice niche in the league. He'd be a nice fit in Dallas where he can join former Broncos teammate Jeremy Mincey in shoring up some of the Cowboys' woes against the run.

So BTB, what'cha think? Should Dallas look to grab Ayers? Or are they better off waiting until after the draft and seeing if Ayers or Spencer are still available?

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