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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Are DeMarco Murray and Cole Beasley Underrated Receivers?

Monday morning Cowboys headlines.

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Outside of what you saw on BTB yesterday, there really wasn't much published about the Cowboys in the last 24 hours that was newsworthy. So out of necessity, today's news roundup casts a slightly wider net than usual in search of noteworthy headlines.

Surprise, surprise: Beasley and Murray don't drop a lot of balls - Pro Football Focus.
Pro Football Focus computed the drop rates for wide receivers and running backs last week, and two Cowboys feature prominently: Cole Beasley was one of just six wide receivers to drop only a single catchable ball last season. Out of those six WRs, Beasley saw the fewest catchable passes thrown his way, which is why his drop rate ranks "only" sixth in the league. DeMarco Murray's drop rate also ranks sixth best among all running backs.

Small Receivers, Big Impact | The Tailgater
Mike Tanier writes that teams will be able to draft great receivers in the late rounds of this draft, "all because they don’t crack six feet." The article takes a look at some of the vertically challenged receivers like Brandin Cooks, Jalen Saunders, Paul Richardson, Bruce Ellington, Robert Herron, and Dri Archer.

NFL Salary Cap Space 2015 -
You might expect the Cowboys to top the list of teams with the highest cap hit next year. Not. So. Fast. The Cowboys only have the 8th highest active salary for 2015, and are a cool $12 million behind the Eagles, who top the list with $132 million in cap commitments for 2015.

Matthew Berry's offseason 2014 fantasy football rankings top 200 - ESPN
ESPN fantasy football expert Matthew Berry places seven Cowboys in his top 200 players for 2014, including Dez Bryant [17], DeMarco Murray [30], Terrance Williams [70], Jason Witten [89], Tony Romo [106], Lance Dunbar [163], and Dan Bailey [194].

Mark Sanchez flying with the Eagles? New York Jets Blog - ESPN
Rich Cimini writes that Mark Sanchez believes he could thrive in Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense because he's had success in up-tempo situations before.

Sanchez was at his best in two-minute situations, when he didn't have to read the entire field and was required to make quick decisions. So maybe there's hope for him in Philly. On the other hand, his career record against NFC teams isn't sterling -- 10 touchdown passes, 21 interceptions.

Ron Jaworski says Zach Mettenberger No. 2 QB in 2014 draft class; similar to Joe Flacco |
ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski thinks LSU's Zach Mettenberger is the No. 2 QB in this year's draft class.

I'll allow Rob Staton of the to provide the commentary here:

What a surprise — tall, immobile pocket passer Zach Mettenberger comes in at #2.

"When you watch him on tape, this guy has an NFL skill set."

Of course he does. He’s tall and a pocket passer. Boxes, ticked.

I long for the day when the band of brothers — Jaws, Hoge and Cosell — are able to admit the game is changing. That we don’t have to build a football team based on age-old formula’s and specifics.

Pro days notebook | National Football Post
Something to keep in mind when you read the next glowing report about a QB working out for the press at his pro day: Resident NFP scout Greg Gabriel explains that NFL evaluators don't get much out of a quarterback's pro day. Why?

Because NFL coaches have no influence on the structure of the workout.

The Cleveland Browns have a quarterback need but have not attended any of the top QB’s pro days. The reason is that they have no control over what they will see. They have scheduled private workouts with the quarterbacks they have interest in. They will get a lot more out of these private sessions, and it is the smart thing to do.

2014 NFL Draft Rookie Pool Allocations - Over The Cap
Now that the compensatory picks have been announced, OTC calculates the Cowboys' year-one rookie pool at $6,809,286. But before you start hyperventilating about that amount, know that the rookies will only count $2,189,286 against the cap in 2014. Why is that?

It is also important to not get confused and think that the year one pool represents the salary cap space needed to sign rookies. Rosters are already set at 51 players and each draft pick will either replace a player currently in the top 51 (who must count for at least $420,000) or just have their bonus money count towards the cap.

NFL teams will offer in-seat visits from cheerleaders in 2014 -
In 2014, NFL stadiums will be offering something you can't get at home: In-seat visits from your favorite team's cheerleaders. This just begs for a snarky or juvenile comment, but I'm not going to go there today.

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