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BTB 2014 Community Draft No. 2: Rams Continue To Reap RG Rewards

Our Community Mock Draft continues with the St. Louis Rams and the number two selection.

The 2014 BTB Community Draft continues!

This is our favorite opportunity to interact with our community and allow them some front-page limelight, while simultaneously getting our first in-depth look at several candidates for the draft's first round.

This will be much more than just one community member's idea of how to help out their assigned teams. After each selection is forwarded to me, I will gather all of the pertinent information about this prospect from some of the internet's best draft resources. We will try to highlight the profile's best and worst traits, so that our reader's are highly educated come May 8th when these guys names are called.

To keep things simple, no trades are allowed; I think for a one round exercise that does little to actually project how things are going to turn out. One GM, one team, one pick. Let's get it on!


Draft Pick # 2

Team Name: St. Louis Rams

GM: Terry

Selection: (OT) Greg Robinson, Auburn

Why the pick: This decision for me came down to either Robinson or Sammy Watkins from Clemson.   Although the Rams have been looking for a go-to elite receiver for a long time to team up with Sam Bradford,  I decided to go with Robinson because they actually need offensive line help even more to protect Bradford who never had a blindside protector like Robinson since he's been a pro.

Robinson, considered by many scouts to be the best offensive lineman in the draft, is a rare combination of athleticism and strength who is equally adapt on both run blocking and pass protecting and can become the cornerstone left tackle the Rams have been searching for years to acquire.

I also see the Rams trying hard to trade this pick as Jeff Fisher loves to trade down to acquire more players.  In that scenario, I think they could still wind up with Robinson or Watkins, especially with all the top QBs still in play.


HIGH PRIORITY TEAM NEEDS (lower number indicates higher priority) according to

-- Threat Level Red (priority 1-2): Feature Receiver, Speed Receiver, Guard, Free Safety

-- Threat Level Orange (priority 3-4): Right Tackle, 4-3 Outside Linebacker, Cornerback, 4-3 Defensive Tackle, 4-3 Inside Linebacker, Feature Running Back, Left Tackle, Tight End

-- Threat Level Yellow (priority 5-6): Quarterback, 4-3 Defensive End, Strong Safety, COP Back, Center

-- Threat Level Green (priority 9): Fullback


-- ranked #5 Overall, #2 at the position

-- National Football Post: #3 Overall, #1 at the position

Robinson has great size at 6'5 - 320 with long arms. He has excellent athletic ability and runs well for such a big man. He plays with bend, is light on his feet, and has very good balance and overall body control. Auburn plays from a spread formation, and Robinson is almost always playing from a two-point stance. Still he has very good initial quickness and gets to his blocks quickly. Despite playing from a two-point stance Robinson stays low and is consistently able to get under his opponent. Not only is Robinson big, but he is also very strong and explosive. He consistently gets movement with his blocks, and it's not unusual to see his opponent knocked back two or three yards on contact. He takes good angles on cutoff blocks and when getting out to linebackers. On bubble screens, Robinson can get in space and make productive blocks. He is very good at adjusting on the move.

In pass protection, Robinson sets quickly, plays with natural knee bend, and has the lateral quickness to stop wide speed. He also shows the balance and body control to redirect and move back to the inside. He does a good job with his hands, showing a strong punch and consistently keeping his hands inside. With his size, power, and bend, he easily anchors against college bull rushers.

-- ranked #2 overall, #1 at the position

-- DraftInsider.Net ranked #7 overall, #2 at the position

-- ranked #2 overall, #1 at the position

-- DraftCountdown ranked #3 overall, #2 at the position

-- ranked #3 overall, #1 at the position

-- Mike Mayock ranked #1 at the position

-- Josh Norris ranked #6 overall, #2 at the position

-- profile (Rob Rang):


Remarkable combination of size, power and body control. Owns a prototypical frame for playing offensive line in the NFL, including broad shoulders, long arms, a relatively trim waist, thick bubble and tree trunks for legs.

Latches on and controls as a run-blocker with good hand placement, easy knee bend and awesome power to simply maul opponents, often driving them yards off the line of scrimmage. Keeps his legs driving, showing good spatial awareness and body control to keep his feet in traffic. Good quickness for the down block and shows surprisingly light feet to adjust to moving targets when asked to block at the second level.

Developing pass blocker with all of the physical traits scouts look for in an NFL left tackle. Quick out of his stance, plays with good flexibility and has the long arms and strong hands to catch edge rushers and ride them out of the pocket. An exceptional talent just scratching the surface of his potential.


Only two years of starting experience and played in a relatively simple collegiate system which catered to his strengths, rarely asking him to pass block on an island. Catches edge rushers and rides them wide but must learn to slide his feet more consistently or he will draw penalties for holding when matched against NFL speed.

Can be a bit high off the snap. Can play too low, at times, leaving himself vulnerable to over-arm swim moves.

Has only played on the offensive line since his junior year in high school (2009).


'13 Greg Robinson vs Florida State

Previous Picks: Houston, Jadeveon Clowney

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