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Brandon Carr Refers To 2013 As 'Learning Experience'

In the second year of a five year, $50.1 million contract, fans expected a much better season from Brandon Carr than what he turned in. Now the Cowboys high-dollar corner looks to rebound for 2014.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2012 season, then Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was adamant that the team needed to invest heavily in building the cornerback position. In response the front office went out and secured the services of former Kansas City Chiefs CB Brandon Carr, whose skill-set matched Ryan's profile for press-man corners. Subsequently, the team made the decision to switch not only defensive coordinators, but also its entire defensive philosophy. Suddenly the press-man corner who was the Cowboys priority target during free agency was no longer the prototype for the team's scheme. Although he had three interceptions and 13 passes broken up, the first season in the new defensive scheme was more than a little disappointing for Carr and for Cowboys fans as well.

Individually, this season was a learning process for me. I came to Dallas with high expectations, with a chip on my shoulder and a lot of things that I wanted to accomplish as well. ... I'm still in the process of doing that but being assigned each team's No. 1 option each and every week with little to no help." - Brandon Carr

Such are the expectations when you are a $50 million man. To live up to the deal he signed Carr has to do more; a lot more. For starters, Carr needs to deliver in Dallas like he did while a Chief. During his last two seasons in Kansas City, Brandon was a playmaker in the secondary; he broke up a total of 40 passes in that time frame. Over the two years he has been a Cowboy he has only broken up a total of 24. While that is pretty decent, Jerry Jones isn't paying him to be decent. Brandon Carr is making "star" money, and the time for him to become a star in Dallas is rapidly passing by. The 2014 season is make or break time for him to prove himself and Brandon knows it. He says the high pressure atmosphere is what he dreamed about while growing up in Flint, Michigan.

"It's fine, because that's the type of games that you want when you grow up, but it was good because I learned a lot about myself."

What Carr wishes for is right before him. He can say he has learned from his experience, but now he needs to prove he did with 2014 acting as the final exam. Anything less, and the Cowboys need to start looking at other options.

It's all on you, Brandon.

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