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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Romo Recovery Going Well, Henry Melton An Option?

Latest Cowboys headlines for your Sunday reading pleasure.

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Tony Romo says recovery from back surgery is going well - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Tony Romo (who, it turns, has been a Duke fan since he was a kid) and Jason Garrett watched Duke walk all over North Carolina last night. After the game, a hoarse Romo said that his recovery from back surgery is going well and he's on target to participate in next month's organized team activities.

"It's going good," said Romo, who was wearing a black Duke polo shirt. "We're getting close now to [returning]. Usually takes three months, it's just normal kinda roundabout date that they give ya and we're right on schedule. Really ahead in a lot of ways. Just going to be ready to go here in about a month and rehab is going good, no setbacks of any kind. Mine [surgery] was just a normal small version of it, so I should be good to go here shortly."

Cowboys won't make big splash in free agency; what will they do? | David Moore, DMN
Moore argues that the Cowboys are "more than one free agent away" and writes that instead of focusing the available free agents, we should focus on the free agents the Cowboys will or could lose lose. Moore suggests the Cowboys should use the money that could be freed up with a renegotiated contract for Ware on their own guys:

The room freed up by Ware — whether his contract is restructured, reduced or he’s cut — and Austin will give the Cowboys room to maneuver. But not all of that money will flow outward.

Some will likely be held back to sign receiver Dez Bryant and left tackle Tyron Smith to extensions. Part of it could be used to keep some of their own free agents like Anthony Spencer, Danny McCray or Brian Waters — if he decides he wants to return — in the fold.

If They Are So Good Why Are They Free Agents? - Mickey Spagnola,
Translation: You didn't get a date to the prom, so naturally you think all the girls are ugly anyway.

Cowboys depth along DL is lacking - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Hold the presses! When did this happen?

Henry Melton already drawing interest - ESPN Chicago
Melton is one of the few free agents linked to the Cowboys, though absent some cap space freeing up quickly in Dallas, it's unlikely the Cowboys will even talk to Melton.

Melton, 27, is coming off surgery to repair his left ACL, and it’s likely the Bears were optimistically expecting somewhat of a soft market for the defensive tackle, who received $8.45 million in 2013 as the club’s franchise player. But early indications are that Melton will generate plenty of interest from several teams.

It's worth noting that Melton has familiarity with Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith and Dallas defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli (even though the Cowboys likely aren't an option considering they're barely under the salary cap at this point).


20-Step Cowboys Free-Agency Guidebook | Mike Fisher, FOX Sports
Mike Fisher holds it together for 19 of his 20 points, but lets loose at point number 17. An excerpt:

Mention LeBron, the Yankees, the Cowboys, Hitler or Jesus and you get yourself clicks. Mention the Cowboys in anything other than a positive light (as I have done for years in attempting to explain their cap-related options) and I am labeled a Kool-Aid-guzzling homer.

But my views about the Dallas cap are not about the Dallas cap. They are about the NFL cap. The same concepts that I'm applying to the Cowboys work for the Saints and Steelers and Lions, too.

But nobody gets clicks and headlines for trashing (or even analyzing fairly) the Saints and Steelers and Lions.

So the networks create huge "special programming'' to detail how Dallas is in "Cap Hell'' (by being an astronomical $30 million [over the cap], according to one recent breathless report) and devote substantially less effort to noting that, one day later, Dallas is under the cap.

Oh well.


2014 NFL draft prospect Aaron Donald answers your 'Yeah, but' with more production |
Two words to sum up the scouting report on 2014 draft prospect Aaron Donald: "Yeah, but ..." As in, "Yeah, he dominated in college, but is he big enough for the NFL?" Or "Yeah, the guy is incredibly athletic for a defensive lineman, but where are we going to play him?" Donald’s former positional coach at Pittsburgh, Inoke Breckterfield, has a message for those naysayers: Stop worrying.

One-year contracts actually can benefit veterans - USA Today
For all the complaints about veterans being forced to take one-year deals in the NFL's current economic climate, going back to the bargaining table so soon can pay off — if you play well, writes Tom Pelissario.

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