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Cowboys News: Kittens, Jerry. Oh, And Some Football Stuff.

Looking forward to the draft, back at free agency, and ending the suite controversy once and for all.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When it looked like the severe umbrage over the seating chart in Jerry Jones' suite was about to take over the offseason, Mike Fisher stepped up and rescued us all with the perfect solution.

Why I’m Filling Jerry’s Cowboys Suite With…Kittens! " CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Jerry's suite solution for next time? No presidents we might argue about. No businessmen we don't like. No coaches we might disfavor. No QBs who throw interceptions.

Just kittens. At Jerry Jones' next televised party, he should fill his personal AT&T Stadium suite with kittens.

Because everybody loves kittens.

Tennessee Jed approves of this message.

Former Cowboys LB Scott Shanle: Dallas' biggest issue is individualism | Dallas Morning News

On the heels of Marcus Spears' worries about the impact of the Jason Garrett - Tony Romo bromance on the Cowboys, Scott Shanie, a former Dallas player offers his opinion of the problem with the locker room.

Shanle played in Dallas from 2003-2005 and in New Orleans from 2006-2012.

"I can compare (the two) organizations. Night and day...," he tweeted.

Of course, he played under Bill Parcells. I'm not sure just how much he knows about the current situation in Dallas. It does appear that saying something negative about America's Team will get you some attention.

OK, now that mess is taken care of. On to real news.

Cowboys not trying to move to No. 2 - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas

Dallas isn't interested in trading up. Unless it is.

Multiple sources have said the Cowboys aren't trying to move up from No. 16 to No. 2.

However, the sources did say the Cowboys would be willing to make a move up if it were able to obtain an elite player who can fill an immediate hole.

So, basically, who knows what they may do?

Garrett Gilbert has chance to rise again in NFL draft - Houston Chronicle

Expect to see Garrett Gilbert at Dallas Days, coming Thursday, April 17th (per a Bryan Broaddus tweet). June Jones, his SMU coach, and Leigh Steinberg, the sports agent that the Jerry McGuire character was based on, are pushing to get him into the NFL.

It is an intriguing story. Jones does know something about quarterbacking in the NFL, and Steinberg, who had retired, is using Gilbert as a sort of test drive to get himself back into the business. The most interesting thing is how Jones sees Gilbert as a player who would benefit from sitting for a while.

"It reminds me of how it was for guys 20 years ago coming out of college," Jones said. "They didn't have to play immediately. They could learn the system and develop. It's all upside with him."

If he is an under the radar type (he did put up some good numbers at SMU), then he might just be a good seventh round/UDFA pickup for the Cowboys, a low risk acquisition that might pay off big.

Hall of Fame Cowboys QB Roger Staubach would take Johnny Manziel No. 1 in draft | Dallas Morning News

If there is a former player that can be considered the ultimate Cowboy, it is Roger Staubach. And he likes Johnny Football. How much?

So much so, that he would take Johnny Manziel over Jadaveon Clowney if he had the No. 1 pick in the draft and had to make a decision between the two.

Relax, I don't think Jerry Jones is gonna talk to Roger about who to pick. But then, Jerry kinda has a mancrush on JFF anyway, so it may not matter.

Jerry Jones: No playoffs in several years, but the Dallas Cowboys are still the most popular TV show | Dallas Morning News

Yet another entry into the "Jerry Jones still does not know when to stop talking" files.

"As you know, the Cowboys have not gone to the playoffs in several years," Jones said. "We have not gone, yet we're the most popular TV show there is on television."

It's not really a good thing, Jerry.

Less time in California for Cowboys? - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN

The preseason schedule was officially announced, and it may impact how long the team is going to be in Oxnard this year.

With their third preseason game at the Miami Dolphins, it would seem to be more prudent to remain at Valley Ranch following their second preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens in order to avoid a cross-country flight from California to Florida.

Now, normally the Cowboys would play the first two preseason games away, and the last two games of preseason at AT&T Stadium. This year they can't do it because, well, Jerry has something else going on the next to last weekend of preseason.

One Direction — yes, the boy band — complicates Cowboys’ preseason, training-camp schedules | Dallas Morning News

Since the Cowboys conduct training camp in Oxnard, Calif., the team normally likes to play their first two pre-season games on the West Coast before breaking camp to return to Valley Ranch. That's not possible this season because One Direction will perform at AT&T Stadium on Aug. 24.

'Boys bumped by a boy band. Sad. (And hard to say five times really fast.)

Mailbag: Should NFC East FA Moves Worry Cowboys?

Mailbag: Who Needs To Step Up Most In The 2014 Season?

A couple of Q&A pieces from the mothership. I liked this comment from the first of the two, concerning free agency.

Rowan Kavner: They should still be more worried about their own roster than the ones in the division.

Broaddus: Like His Opinion Or Not; Spears Keeps It Real

As you may have heard, Marcus Spears has retired from football and gone into sports journalism. Bryan Broaddus gives his take on him, and why you should listen to what he says, whether you like it or not.

What you have to know about Marcus Spears is that no matter the situation, he has always been a player that gave his view whether you liked it or not. Over the years, I found him truthful and honest to a fault, while others in that locker room were not that way at all. There has always been a consistency with Spears, in his views about the shape of the team, the coaching staff or his own play. He has never shied away from telling it like it is.

Finally, a couple of scouting reports on a pair of players that we would love to see in Dallas, but that probably are going to be gone. Sadly.

After Further Review: Despite issues, Clowney best in draft, hands down -

The summary:

It's downright scary to think how good Clowney can be if he stays focused and true to the game. Clowney has rare gifts. He's the LeBron James of pass rushers, owner of that freak size and speed combination. But to be great, he's going to need the James' work ethic as well.

Those scouts who wonder about his "want-to" need to be proven wrong. If that happens, he has a chance to be a 15-sack player in his first season and maybe one of the best pass rushers ever.

Dare I say it? We might actually have the next LT coming into this league after waiting 30 years to see it.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Futures: Pittsburgh DT Aaron Donald

This one really hurts, because once we thought he would sneak under everyone's radar. Now, he is the flavor of the month.

If I were a betting man, there are only two players in Zierlein's mock draft that I'd wager on developing into Pro Bowl players. The one from the above list of players is (Sammy) Watkins, and the other is Aaron Donald.

Zierlein has the Pittsburgh Panthers defensive tackle going to the New York Giants at No. 12. The reason Donald isn't slated as an earlier pick is that at 6-foot-0, 285 pounds, he has a niche market: teams employing a base 4-3 defense that are seeking an undersized, pass-rushing tackle they can use.

The only way I foresee Donald not earning a trip to Hawaii within the next three years is if he's playing in the same conference as the player he's drawn comparisons to: Geno Atkins. The physical comparisons are startling -- and often in Donald's favor.

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