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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: DeMarco Murray "Just Scratched The Surface."

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: DeMarco Murray has only scratched the surface of his potential; The predictive efficiency of past performance versus physical ability; Do the Cowboys have to draft a quarterback?

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Gary Brown: Murray Has Only Scratched The Surface - David Helman,
You wouldn't believe this based on how some fans talk abut DeMarco Murray, but last season he became the first Cowboy to rush for more than 1,000 yards since Julius Jones in 2006 - and RB coach Brown thinks Murray can do even more:

"He’s just scratched the surface. I think he’s one of the better backs in the league – he just has to go out and prove it now," Brown said. "People now know his name, he’s been in the Pro Bowl – people are going to know who he is. So now it’s more of a challenge to go out and play well, and I think he’s going to go out and take that challenge full force and have another good season."

Twitter mailbag: Can the Cowboys please start rebuilding - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
A Cowboys fan is eager to see the Cowboys start rebuilding, the sooner the better. Archer responds, and you've got to admire his ability to provide a straight answer without any type of snark.

I think the Cowboys have been in a rebuilding mode without using that word or telling anybody honestly. Look at the changes they’ve made this year alone: Ware, Jason Hatcher and Miles Austin are all gone. Add them to the guys that left last year. There has been a huge turnover on the roster in the last three seasons that they are now building around players like Sean Lee, Smith, Frederick, Bryant and Murray while hoping to get the most out of Romo’s career. There won’t come a time when the Cowboys strip it all down because they have been trying to live in the house while remaking the upstairs bedrooms.

Dallas Cowboys must address future at quarterback soon - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
The Cowboys don't seem to have any plans to visit with or draft any of the top QBs in this year's draft, and Calvin Watkins does not like it one bit. In fact, Watkins is very clear on what the team should do:

The answer seems obvious depending on your point of view.

Cowboys to Get Defensive in Draft: Uh-Oh | Richie Whitt, NBC 5 DFW
Whitt looks at the last 14 defensive players the Cowboys have drafted with their first pick, and even though he doesn't provide any other teams as a frame of reference, comes away decidedly unimpressed:

In the Jerry Jones era the Cowboys have taken a defensive player with their first pick in the draft 14 times. Of those 14, it can be argued that as many as 11 of those players failed to live up to their potential.


The Predictive Efficiency of Past Performance versus Physical Ability - ESPN
A study conducted in 2011 by a group of college professors looked at 640 drafted prospects over a three-year period from 2002-04 to determine whether college production or projected athletic ability (as manifested in combine measurements) was more predictive of future NFL success. If you like the college production ratio and similar measures, you'll like their conclusion:

Their results were instructive. College production, averaged per game and scaled based on competition level, was at least twice and in some cases three times more indicative of NFL success than athletic ability. In fact, said Georgia professor Brian J. Hoffman, combine numbers added nothing to the accuracy of projections that college production hadn't already accounted for.

At the same time, it's important to acknowledge the limitations of this data, which can be viewed in detail here. It doesn't ensure a player will be successful if he put up big numbers at a BCS school, nor does it mean he will flop if he didn't.

Draft Myths | National Football Post
Jack Bechta advises not to believe anything you hear from now until draft day, and gives us his take on some of the more sensational headlines making the rounds before the draft: "The 3rd round steal", "This player making a good impression on a team", "That player's stock is slipping"; "First round sleepers", and more.

Some teams aren’t fans of unlimited private workouts, either | ProFootballTalk
The Brandon Thomas ACL tear could prompt some agents to draw a line over private workouts, especially with two extra weeks until the draft and no limit on the number of on-campus running and catching and cutting and other activities sessions.

Report: Eagles tried to trade for Dolphins' Dion Jordan -
Reports emerged on Wednesday that the Eagles made an offer almost two months ago for Miami pass rusher Dion Jordan, who played for Chip Kelly at Oregon. Apparently, the Eagles tried to package a second-round draft pick and their 2010 first-round pick (and now officially a draft bust) OLB/DE Brandon Graham in exchange for last year's No. 3 overall selection.

NFL Draft 2014: What do you watch when evaluating offensive linemen? -
What kind of things will teams be looking for among the prospects in this year's draft? Danny Kelly walks us through the traits scouts look for when evaluating the offensive line.

We don't really care about HGH testing in NFL -- or we'd have it -
Baseball's drug cheats face inexorable scorn, but good luck finding outrage when an NFL player is caught. "The truth is NFL fans don't care about PEDs", writes Jason La Canfora. When somebody writes "The truth is" I almost always tune out immediately, because what follows is usually anything but. The same goes for when somebody is "keeping it real". In this case though, La Confora makes a good point in that media and fan apathy on the PED issue is a big reason for why there doesn't seem to be much movement here.


Visit Tracker: Over the last few days, news reached us that the Cowboys have had or will have private workouts with the following players (CBS Sports rank in brackets):

(143) Jerick McKinnon, RB, Georgia Southern
(372) Ken Bishop, DT, Northern Illinois
(897) Kevin Fogg, CB/KR, Liberty

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