NFL Greats Mock Draft

Ah, the off-season. The long, long offseason It's the time of year we fans do things that we don't normally do, things to calm the monster that is boredom. This is one of those things.

Imagine if you had a time machine, a time machine which you could use to go back in time and grab any football player from any point in Time, in their prime. Imagine The NFL constructing a way to draft these players. This is it, the draft of all drafts.


- Player must be retired or otherwise inactive in the NFL (ex: Chad Johnson)

-Draft like the scenario were to Happen today, same players of today, same team needs

-List former team as you would a college in a regular Mock.

That's it. Happy drafting.

Here's mine.

1)Texans - Joe Montana, QB, 49ners. Arguably the best QB of all time. Gives Texans a very bright future.

2)Rams - Jonathan Ogden, LT, Ravens. The Rams need protection for Bradford. With this pick he won't feel any big hits coming from his blindside.

3)Jaguars - John Elway, QB, Broncos. Maybe there are better QBs available, but John Elway brings mobility and big play ability to a team that is longing to see big plays.

4)Browns - Steve Young, QB, 49ners. The Dawg Pound's QB trouble is finally over with the selection of this HoFer.

5)Raiders - Jerry Rice, WR, 49ners. The Raiders think their Savior is Matt Schuab so they draft the best WR ever to make sure he's not a complete scrub.

6)Falcons - Art Shell, LT, Raiders. The Falcons need to repair their oline. Art goes a long way in doing that.

7)Buccaneers - Michael Irvin, WR, Cowboys. The Bucs need weapons for Josh Mccown and Mike Glennon.

8)Vikings - Terry Bradshaw, QB, Steelers. The Vikings bring order to the QB position by drafting old-school talent.

9)Bills - Shannon Sharpe, TE, Broncos. Bills add in very big play TE for EJ Manuel.

10)Lions - Deion Sanders, CB, Falcons. Lions lock down half of the field with this pick.

11)Titans - Lawrence Taylor, LB, Giants. The Titans need Pass Rush. They definitely get it here.

12)Giants - Michael Strahan, DE, Giants. Strahan comes back to NY to help rush the passer with the absence of Justin Tuck.

13)Rams - Ronnie Lott, S, 49ners. Rams try to not have a horrible secondary by picking the arguably best Safety of all Time.

14)Bears - Warren Sapp, DT, Buccaneers. The Bears gladly replace Melton with THE 3 technique.

15)Steelers - Dick Night Train Lane, CB, Lions. The Steelers shore up their old secondary with some old school talent.

16)Cowboys - Deacon Jones, DE, LA Rams. The Cowboys draft an old HoFer to replace a future HoFer.

17)Ravens - Randy Moss, WR, Vikings. Randy Moss will elevate this group of WRs above and beyond.

18)Jets - Darren Woodson, S, Cowboys. The Jets protect the back end of their Defense with one of the best to ever play the position.

19)Dolphins - Larry Allen, G, Cowboys. Larry Allen will come in and instantly make this O-Line 10 times better.

20)Cardinals - Rayfield Wright, T, Cowboys. The Cardinals iron out their O-Line by adding a great Right Tackle.

21)Packers - Brian Dawkins, S, Eagles. The Packers fill a need with one of the meanest players of all time.

22)Eagles - Cris Carter, WR, Vikings. The Eagles need a replacement #1 for Jackson. Replacement (and upgrade!!) acquired.

23)Chiefs - Marvin Harrison, WR, Colts. Arguably the best hands of all time goes to KC where Alex Smith lacks any real Targets.

24)Bengals - Rhonde Barber, CB, Buccaneers. The Bengals solidify an injured, aging group of Corners with one of the biggest playmakers of All time at the position.

25)Chargers - Derrick Thomas, LB, Chiefs. The Chargers replace Shaun Phillips with the guy that had 7 sacks in one game.

26)Browns - Terrell Owens, WR, 49ners. Despite the attitude, in his Prime Owens was one of the best WRs who played. Too bad his mouth overloaded talent. Makes the Browns a high powered offense.

27)Saints - Marshall Faulk, HB, Rams. They need a Corner but decided to go BPA and grab a great weapon for Brees.

28)Panthers - Steve Largent, WR, Seahawks. The Panthers finally get a WR for Cam Newton.

29)Patriots - Casey Hampton, DT, Steelers. He didn't play last season so he counts. The patriots need a replacement for Vince Wilfork who is old and coming off an Achilles injury.

30)49ners - Darrell Green, CB, Redskins. Niners upgrad a solid DB core to a great one with Darrell Green.

31)Broncos - Ray Lewis, ILB, Ravens. When you think of defense, Ray Lewis has to be one of the first names to come to mind. Broncos need help in the middle, and they get it.

32)Seahawks - Keyshawn Johnson, WR, Jets. Keyshawn will give Russell Wilson a reliable target for once. Replaces Tate's attitude too.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.