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Report: Cowboys Willing To Trade Up, But Not Back, In 2014 NFL Draft

Is Trader Jerry at it again? He could be.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Trader Jerry.

We all know the stats, that Dallas has made a move, either up or down (or away) in the first round 20 of the 25 drafts that have occurred under owner Jerry Jones tenure. It appears, according to this tweet from Cowboys columnist Jeff Sullivan, that the team may be interested in making a power move should things play out a certain way come May 8th.

Well that could be interesting.

Dissecting what the Cowboys plan to do with their first-round draft pick is a tricky thing. In six of the past seven drafts, Dallas has plucked a first-rounder that they brought in for a private workout. Last year, they brought in all but one of their picks for a pre-draft visit. One can easily speculate that if Dallas would move up, the play could be for either Aaron Donald, who isn't projected to make it past the Chicago Bears, or Anthony Barr, who could go anywhere to a number of teams.

OCC covered the possibility that a trade up in this year's draft of other team's looking to trade back might be inexpensive, as compared to other years.

If Dallas is in actuality not considering trading back, that does add insight into both the number of players that Dallas has given a first-round grade to, as well as how they might have constructed a horizontal board of those prospects. A horizontal draft board places prospects who might have similar round grades on specific tiers. If there is a separation between guys around the 16th ranked prospect, than they might not want to trade down even a couple spots, and be forced to move down another tier.

Of course this is all speculation, but so is most every aspect of what we do pre-draft. We speculate, spend oodles of time contemplating while we are all in the same waiting pattern. The runways become available for landing a new member of the Dallas Cowboys May 8th.

In the meantime, speculate with us. Who do you think Dallas would be willing to trade up for?

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