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Lawsuits Dropped Involving Cowboys Defensive Tackle Henry Melton

One potential piece of trouble has been resolved for Henry Melton.


When the Cowboys signed Henry Melton as a free agent this offseason, they knew that there were lawsuits and criminal charges pending from a bar fight that took place towards the end of 2013. One part of that equation has been settled as both parties to lawsuits stemming from the incident have dropped their claims.

Donald Payne, owner and manager of Chill Sports Bar in Grapevine, filed a lawsuit in January claiming Melton punched and bit him. Melton later filed a counterclaim saying that bar staff hit, kicked and choked him.

A court filing Thursday said Melton and Payne had agreed to dismiss all claims against each other. Christian Dennie, Melton's attorney, said no payments were made to either side.

"After sitting down together and talking face to face we have both agreed to drop our lawsuits," according to a written statement provided by Dennie. "Talking openly and directly is sometimes the best way to resolve issues. We both realize that our time is better spent on more meaningful things. No money was exchanged and we both realize we are better off as allies. We both have ties to Dallas and Grapevine, Texas and we feel it is best to put our time towards positive things for the future."

Melton had also sued other people involved in the incident but the article makes clear that all of those lawsuits have been dropped and the matter is resolved except for one detail. Melton still faces a class A misdemeanor assault charge which will go to court on April 24th.

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