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Tony Romo Through The Eyes Of Another Quarterback

Love him or hate him, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo will always be a prime topic of discussion among the blue and silver faithful. Now another former Dallas Cowboys QB chimes in with his take on #9.


If there is one person who can possibly relate to what Tony Romo is going through as the signal-caller in Dallas, it would have to be former Dallas quarterback turned Cowboys radio analyst Danny White. Both men had similar career paths as outstanding statistical passers during their respective eras and (as of yet) neither man proved able to deliver what Cowboys fans demand of their quarterbacks: Lombardi Trophies (note that I said trophies). Both passers were able to attain personal success including Pro Bowl appearances but did not deliver the Holy Grail as was expected. As a result they both have been subjected to the wrath of the fans.

Recently on Sirius/XM Radio, Danny White took the opportunity to share his impressions of Romo and to defend the current Dallas Cowboys passer.

"I don’t know if there’s ever been a more athletic quarterback. People keep saying they need to get somebody else, I don’t think there’s another quarterback in the league that would be a better fit for the Cowboys and what they need, because he has to be able to move. He has to be able to improvise, with the offense he’s got." - Danny White

White's opinion is shared by both his predecessor and successor in Dallas. Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach has been vocal in his support of Tony Romo, most recently after this past season's loss to the Denver Broncos.

"I’ve watched him play and know what he does out there," Staubach said. "As a former quarterback, I can tell you we’re lucky to have him. He’s an outstanding NFL quarterback." - Roger Staubach

Troy Aikman has similar feelings, and went even further in his praise.

"I think Tony already is a better quarterback than I was. I know how quarterbacks are judged, but as far as his play-making ability and the things that he is capable of doing, he is a far more athletic quarterback, capable of making more plays than I ever was able to." - Troy Aikman

Of the three men, White has had the most opportunities to watch Romo up close. In addition to his business interests, Danny has spent the past several years working as the Cowboys analyst for Sirius/XM Radio and has served as the color commentator on their broadcasts of Dallas games. During that time, White (who also spent several years as a football coach following his retirement as a player) has refined his evaluation of the current Cowboys quarterback. He is well aware that the problems in Dallas may be plentiful, but that Romo is not one of those.

"It’s just a matter of putting a few pieces together, and Romo is certainly as capable as anybody of getting that team to the Super Bowl. The one thing that they have made a point of is making sure that he’s paid what he’s worth, and I don’t think there’s any question that Tony’s laughing all the way to the back on that one." - Danny White

The biggest factor that weighs in against Tony Romo is the fact that Roger Staubach has two Super Bowl rings and Troy Aikman has three. (Even White has one, earned as the punter and back up QB in Super Bowl XII.) Until Romo has some bling to add to his resume, the responsibility for any shortcomings will be placed squarely on the quarterback's shoulders. That is a feeling that White knows far too well. During his career he led the team to three consecutive NFC Championship Games without making it to the big one. While it may or may not be fair, it is the reality the quarterbacks face in the National Football League and Dallas in particular. Until he wins a championship, in the eyes of may, Tony Romo's high statistical performances will have been for naught.

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