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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Could Cowboys Move Up To The No. 10 Spot?

Dallas Cowboys headlines: Will the Cowboys need to trade up to the 10th spot to secure Aaron Donald? Could the Cowboys be looking for a new Punter? Whatever you think Cheerleaders earn in the NFL, it's probably too high.

Ronald Martinez

While you got to enjoy six articles on Blogging The Boys yesterday, the total combined output of the paid DFW media on Cowboys-related articles - as far as I can tell - came out at exactly zero. Which means we had to go looking in the far reaches of the interwebs to get you your Monday morning news fix. We hope we were successful.


2014 NFL Mock Draft: Cowboys trade up to No. 10 |
In his latest mock draft, Chris Burke pulls a few hypothetical first-round trades, one of which sees the Cowboys trading up to No. 10 to get DT Aaron Donald, giving up their second-round pick in the process:

*Cowboys send picks 16, 47, 158 to Detroit for picks 10 and 111

Another top-10 move, this time so the Cowboys can cut in front of a few teams with D-line needs. Donald may fit a similar mold to recent Dallas addition Henry Melton, a slightly undersized three-tech. Part of the appeal of Donald, though, is that he can and has played just about everywhere on the line. He could rotate in for Melton at the three-tech or slide over to a one-tech spot and do just fine. This is a case of taking the top player available, then worrying about exactly how to employ him later.

Fifth-year option tracker: Tyron Smith's option will be picked up -
NFL teams have until May 3 to decide whether to pick up the extra year in the contracts of the 2011 first-round picks. Tyron Smith is one of eight first-rounders whose teams will reportedly pick up the option to extend their deals for an extra fifth season. Known players who will not get an extension: Aldon Smith (SF, No. 7 overall pick), Nick Fairley (DET, No. 13), Danny Watkins (PHI, No. 23), Gabe Carimi (CHI, No. 29).

Pitt’s Savage earns invitation to NFL Draft | Pitt Locker Room
You want a QB for the Cowboys? How about the much-hyped and fast-rising Tom Savage? At Pitt, Savage played for Paul Chryst, a close personal friend of Jason Garrett, and is drawing comparisons to Troy Aikman by long-time Cowboys’ Director of Player Personnel Gil Brandt, who recently ranked him as the 40th overall prospect:

Savage (6-foot-3 7/8, 228 pounds) is a good leader and throws a lot like Troy Aikman. He has a very strong arm and will put it where the receiver can catch it. If he played four years at one school he might be drafted in the top half of the first round.

Why is Tom Savage's NFL draft stock suddenly rising? |
Russ Lande explains why Tom Savage is going to be drafted significantly higher than he was expected to when the season ended:

After talking to people around the league, the reason is not surprising. NFL scouts were definitely intrigued by Savage's combination of size, athleticism and a big-league arm. However, they were also frustrated and concerned by his inconsistent accuracy and decision-making, which is why most had him rated as a third- to fifth-round pick when the season ended. Now that coaches have become involved in the evaluation process, Savage's draft stock has risen because he has excellent physical tools.

As is often the case, coaches feel they can teach Savage to improve his technique and decision-making, which will in turn lead to better accuracy. When I have spoken to NFL personnel recently, they all admitted that Savage has the physical talent to be a frontline starter in the NFL, but they are concerned because few college quarterbacks who struggled with accuracy and inconsistency throughout their college careers ever realized that potential, which is why some told me that he is "tease."

Punter Cameron Frosch NAILS Dallas Day workout - Chuck Yarborough
When relatives proudly write about current or perhaps future Cowboys, we have no issues with adding that to our news round-us. In this case, Chuck Yarborough commented on a workout punter Cameron Frosch had with the Cowboys last Thursday during Dallas Day workouts for local prospects:

My great-nephew, Cameron Frosch, had a workout for the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, and NAILED it. Hang times in the 5.3 range! Average hang time in the NFL is about 4.5. So, so proud of him. He's worked his tail off to get there, holds just about every punting record at Texas A&M-Commerce and, on top of it all, is a great k... young man!

Do NFL cheerleaders deserve minimum wage? | Mid MarketPulse
We like to grace our morning news round-ups with pictures of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, so it only seems fitting that we take a look at an issue that's a big topic for cheerleaders around the league:

The NFL is the most profitable sports league in the world, yet some Cheerleaders are paid $1,250 for a 10-game season, which translates to less than $5 an hour when accounting for three unpaid practices a week, at least 10 required charity appearances, and photo sessions for the annual swimsuit calendars. And that's before fines for being late to practice, using the wrong pom poms, or wearing the wrong shade of nail polish are deducted from their salary. It's only natural then that some Cheerleaders are taking the issue to court.

In January, 28-year-old Raiderette Lacy T. filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 40 cheerleaders accusing the Oakland Raiders of breaking minimum wage and labor laws.

The cheerleaders allege other labor violations as well, such as having all of their pay withheld until the end of the season, and working over eight hours on game days with no rest or meal breaks.

And here's the ultimate irony:

The NFL claims the Raiderettes have no right to sue, because they agreed in their employment contracts to refer all disputes to binding arbitration before none other than NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell — whose $44 million salary is paid by the NFL teams.

If Anthony Barr drops to 14, could Bears pass him up in favor of a defensive back? - Dan Pompei
A lot of what Dallas can do in the draft will depend on the Bears, who pick two spots ahed of the Cowboys and have similar needs. The Bears are in play for a defensive tackle like Aaron Donald, but could also be interested in a defensive end like Anthony Barr, another Cowboys favorite. Dan Pompei weighs in on the Bears' options:

It's certainly feasible they could pass Barr. And it is certainly feasible he could drop some. Initial projections had Barr as one of the top picks in the draft, but as the draft draws nearer it looks more possible that he could be chosen in the teens. One reason is teams aren't sure if he can be an effective defensive end in a 4-3, given that he never has done it. He is a very gifted athlete, but his experience as a defensive player is limited. He is not an easy evaluation. A lot of teams are uneasy about taking a projection with a high pick. I could see the Bears taking Barr ahead of a safety or corner if Phil Emery and his staff really believe in him. They have shown in the past they are unafraid to take risks if they think the risks are justified. But I also could see them taking a safety or corner. If the choice is Barr vs. DB, I think the Bears will take the highest rated player, and not be driven so much by the position.

Cleveland Browns linebacker Brandon Magee lands chance with Red Sox -
Brandon Magee was signed by the Cowboys as a priority free agent in 2013, but when he was released during final roster cuts, the Browns picked him up off the waiver wire, foling any plans by the Cowboys to sign him to their practice squad. Magee played eight games for the Browns last season before suffering a season-ending pectoral muscle injury. He is now trying out for the Boston Red Sox as a baseball player, and this article details his journey so far.

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