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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: You Can Never Have Enough Draft Picks

Latest Cowboys headlines: Romo is a participant at the Cowboys' voluntary workouts, Kyle Orton isn't; Defensive tackles galore; Is it better to have more picks?

Tom Pennington

Better to have more picks - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
You've probably heard all about how the Cowboys have too many draft picks this year, and that there's no chance all of the picks will make the team. You've certainly heard all about it on this board, and not just once. Archer responds with an interesting take when asked by a reader whether the "too many picks" claim is flawed logic:

Totally flawed logic. Cowboys fans should remember Jimmy Johnson did his best work with more picks, not less. He could miss on third-rounders almost yearly because they would find some hits later in the draft thanks to more picks. The Cowboys can’t trade three of their picks because the seventh-round compensatory selections are not allowed to be dealt. But the reason I’d want more picks is because this team lacks depth. [...]

This roster isn't so stacked with talent that the Cowboys can be so cavalier with their selections. They can use help just about everywhere.

5 Years Later, Cowboys Still Learning From 2009 Draft - Nick Eatman,
And just as you were nodding your head in vigorous agreement with Archer, along comes Nick Eatman with a bucket of very cold water: The 2009 draft. Eatman argues that an abundance of selections isn’t always a recipe for success.

Of those 12 drafted in 2009, none of whom came in the first or second rounds, not a single player ever became a primary starter for the Cowboys on offense or defense. David Buehler, a fifth-round pick drafted mainly for his kickoff duties, became the full-time kicker for one season.

Other than that, the Cowboys picked 12 players who were complete non-factors.

Mailbag: Would You Trade 2015’s 1st For Another No. 1?
Surprisingly, the writers don't shoot down this idea forcefully and immediately.

Romo Participating At Start Of Team’s Voluntary Workouts - David Helman,
Although the conditioning program that began Monday at Valley Ranch is voluntary, Tony Romo was one of many Cowboys in attendance for the start of offseason workouts, judging by the full parking lots at Valley Ranch.

What does QB Kyle Orton’s absence on the first day of the offseason workout program mean for the Cowboys? | David Moore, DMN
Kyle Orton was a no-show at yesterday's workouts, and David Moore writes that his absence raises a red flag for the Cowboys.

The workouts are voluntary. But sources said the backup quarterback did not inform club officials that he would fail to be at Valley Ranch with the rest of his teammates on Monday. The no-show takes on more weight given Orton’s apparent flirtation with retirement this off-season and raises the question of whether this is a negotiating ploy.

Dallas Cowboys' workouts can bring Dez Bryant, others money - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
You already read about this on Sunday here on BTB, so all we can say is that Archer's numbers are correct. What he doesn't tell you is that the $365,000 the Cowboys spend on workout bonuses ranks only 23rd in the league, and the seven players they spend the money on ranks 22nd. The Packers lead the league with $4,325,000 in workout bonuses, the Giants lead the league with 34 players receiving workout bonuses.

Beyond the first round: Defensive tackles - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer offers up one defensive tackle prospect in each of Rounds 2-7 who might fit for the Dallas Cowboys, and hits on a lot of BTB pre-draft favorites like Dominique Easley (2nd), Daquan Jones (3rd), and Caraun Reid (4th).

Dominique Easley just the latest DL to visit Dallas Cowboys -
In a shocking revelation, reports that the Cowboys have "designs on investing more than one pick" at defensive tackle.

NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah said Monday that the defensive line is the Cowboys' top priority, and that he could foresee Dallas addressing the need with more than one choice.

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