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On The Chalkboard: Learning From The Legion Of Boom (VIDEO)

Let's go to the chalkboard for the first time in 2014, and look at a way Rod Marinelli can help his corners schematically and improve the play on the back end of the defense.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Notes to Remember:

  • Pattern matching is a concept that essentially acts as a read system for defensive backs and line backers. Similar to option routes by WR's this concept is a basic "if he does this, I do that" situation.
  • In this case, if the #1 (outside) WR on a CBs side of the field takes a vertical stem in his route, the CB matches that pattern and runs with the route. If #1 takes an underneath stem (drag, slant, hitch etc) the CB bails to his deep third responsibility while looking inside for the most immediate threat (TE or slot on a seam or corner, opposite side WR on a deep crosser, any wheel route).
  • The inside defenders play Cover 3 principles, sinking with inside vertical routes and reacting to underneath routes/throws.
  • This concept keeps your big CBs from being forced to run with WRs all the way across the field on drag routes and puts your SS and LBs in position to make plays on the ball and the receiver.

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