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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Anthony Barr or Aaron Donald - Who Ya Got?

Latest Cowboys headlines: Should the Cowboys trade up for Aaron Donald or Anthony Barr? Lance Dunbar is "100% healthy." Travis Frederick should be "among the league’s best centers for the foreseeable future."

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Point: Only Realistic Trade Up Option Should Be Donald - Rowan Kavner,
Kavner argues that Aaron Donald should be the only player the Cowboys should move up for - but only a few spots.

Counterpoint: If Dallas Trades Up, Go With Barr Over Donald - Nick Eatman,
Eatman would also ony move in a small increments, but he would take Barr over Donald - if both players were available.

Sport Science: Anthony Barr - High School Softball Video - ESPN
Sport Science examines the athleticism and explosiveness of former UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr, who, they write, "has the potential to be the next DeMarcus Ware".

Rookies in Focus: Travis Frederick, Pro Football Focus Steve Palazzolo brings us a breakdown of Frederick's rookie season, complete with a bunch of animated gifs, and argues that Frederick did extremely well as a run blocker, but took his lumps in pass protection.

On run blocking alone, the Frederick pick looks like a worthwhile one, though he still has a ways to go in pass protection. If he can shore things up, his ability to reach defenders and execute at the second level should put him among the league’s best centers for the foreseeable future.

Lance Dunbar is "100% healthy," excited about working with Scott Linehan - All 22 Breakdown
Jordan Ross offers up an extensive interview with Lance Dunbar. Excerpts:

"I’d say that I’m at 100%," Dunbar said on Monday. "I’ve been able to do everything now for a couple of weeks without any restrictions. I’m feeling pretty good. I’d definitely say I’m 100%."

"I’m very excited about working with [Linehan]. I’ve seen the things he did with the guys in Detroit. He utilizes all of his guys and knows how to get them the ball in space. He plays to their ability and strengths. I think I have a good chance to get out in space with screen’s and stuff and make a lot plays. We have so many weapons and Linehan will make sure he uses all of them so the defense can’t zero in on one or two guys. It’s going to make things harder and more confusing for defenses."

A player/coach on the Dallas Cowboys? - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
It's the offseason, so some outside-the-box thinking is allowed: Archer wonders who would be most suited as a player coach on the current roster, and offers up five names: Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Sean Lee, Orlando Scandrick, or Tyron Smith. Who'd be your pick?

Phil Costa explains why he’s retiring from the NFL at only 26 | Brandon George, DMN
After his abrupt decision to retire yesterday led to much speculation, Costa sets the record straight on the reasons for his decision:

"Unfortunately, the day-to-day physical rigor of the NFL season has taken a toll on my body and has been a driving force behind my decision," Costa said in a statement.

Beyond the first round: Defensive ends - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Watkins runs down six different defensive ends, each of whom he slots in a different round between rounds 2-7. I know that some of you don't like to click on Watkins articles, but I urge you to check out this one - it's like four months of draft analysis simply disappeared overnight. Kareem Martin in the fifth? Jackson Jeffcoat in the sixth? And Marcus Smith in the seventh? War has officially been declared on numbers in Watkinsland.


Giants' Will Hill facing another suspension after third failed drug test - Ed Valentine, Big Blue View
According to multiple reports, Hill has failed his third drug test in as many seasonsm, and Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News is reporting that the Giants are "livid" with Hill and that he likely "done" with the team.

The only aspect of this story that is even remotely interesting is what effect this could have on the Giants in the draft. Are they now in the market for Clinton Dix at No. 12? What about the Rams at No. 13, who have been locks for Clinton Dix up to this point? And what's with the Bears at No. 14, are they worried that both Clinton Dix and Pryor coud be off the board by the time they pick? And most importantly, will that safety dance land the Cowboys Anthony Barr or Aaron Donald?

Could Bears Be Targeting Pryor in Draft? | NBC Chicago
The Chicago Bears are likely looking defense with their first round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, and Calvin Pryor is one such defender getting a lot of publicity in Chicago.


Schedule release now planned for Wednesday night | ProFootballTalk
At first it was supposed to be Tuesday. Now it's Wednesday. Yesterday they said it may be Thursday. If I cared for this in any way, shape or form, maybe I'd come up with some snarky remark. But I got nothing.

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