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SB Nation Mock Draft: Teams Sites Make Their Picks, Cowboys Select In Second Round...

It's time for the Cowboys to select again in the SB Nation mock draft.


SB Nation is running a mock draft where each team site selects players for their organization. It's a two-round mock and the wheel has come back around to Dallas for our second-round pick.

To refresh your memory, in the first round we got stuck with the nightmare scenario - no Aaron Donald or Anthony Barr available, both of the two top safeties gone, basically a position we wanted to trade out of. Unfortunately we couldn't trade down, so we had to pick. In the end, we took Zack Martin who is a value pick at that spot and fits into the Cowboys rebuilt offensive line. We all thought Martin was a good player who will definitely help the Cowboys line, in fact he would likely start in his rookie year. But we didn't get the defensive presence on the line that we wanted.

Now we're back for our second round pick. This time, many of the front-page writers were pretty sure about who they wanted. From a group that contained Scott Chrichton, Demarcus Lawrence and a surprisingly falling Louis Nix... we chose none of the above. Instead, we went with the high-risk, high-reward of Dominique Easley, defensive tackle out of Florida. Our description of the pick:

"Simply put, Easley is an ideal interior lineman for Rod Marinelli's defensive scheme. Undersized but blessed with an explosive first step and the ability to shoot gaps to disrupt the backfield, he is tailor-made for the Cowboys scheme. A defensive end is also a consideration here, but if the Cowboys can push quarterbacks from the middle of the line consistently, their current defensive ends can clean up the mess when quarterbacks roll out. If it wasn't for the injury issues, Easley would be a top of the first round pick. It's a risk because of his knees, but if it pans out, Dallas gets a blue-chip player in the middle of the second round."

So what do you think BTB? First, go over and vote in the poll, you can also comment. Then come back here and let us know if we made the right move or not.

You can follow the whole mock draft here.

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